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Here is every post I wrote about Rutgers University while I was studying at Rutgers University. Click on any menu item to expand it and see all of the posts listed in chronological order. Enjoy!

I’m Excited For My Summer Internship!
Will My Parents Let Me Live in a Gay Dorm?
Taking Research In the Disciplines: That’s So Gay at Rutgers
Moving into My New Dorm (BEST Hall)
I’ll Just Pretend I’m a Freshman…
Rutgers King Neptune Night 2014
Intro to Sociology Taught Me to Let It Go
A Rather Delayed Birthday Celebration
I Got a New i-Am-Not-a-Phone 6
A Rutgers Package Delivery… Gone Seriously Wrong
Why Do Bad Things Happen to Me Before Sociology
Happy Spirit Day Everyone!
I Guess Sociology Is Being Taught in Japanese Today!
Is General Chemistry at Rutgers Hard?
5 Tips on How to Study Smarter (Especially For an INFJ)
I Went to a Career Counselor to Find Out I Should Become a Career Counselor
How is the Food at Rutgers?
Live Blogging: My Day Today!
Can a Type B Personality Get Into Med School?
Every Class this Week Was about Gender and Sexuality
I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Rice Dream
I’m Going to Be a Teachers Assistant for Abnormal Psychology This Semester!
I Got a Seat in Personality Psychology!
My Spring 2015 Semester Course Load
Interacting with INFJs In My Personality Psychology Class
I’m Finally Transferring Out of the Business School
Love How Casual the Last Sentence Is
I’m Going to be a Resident Assistant Next Year!
Asking a Ghost to Help Me Write My Essay
I’m Going To Be 100 Minutes Late to Every RA Class
I Was Interviewed on the Subject of Psychiatry
My Second Chem 2 Exam Is Tonight At 10PM
Serving as a 2015-2016 CKI District Governor!
The Struggle of Having Sunday Exams at Rutgers
Huh? What Do You Mean I’m Going to China!?!
I’ll Only Be a Sophomore For 3 More Days
Down to the Last Final!
3 Tips to Help You Succeed In General Biology at Rutgers

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