My Junior Year Course Schedule

Last Updated on September 29, 2023

When it comes to picking classes at Rutgers, I’m extremely careful about my course selections. If I opt to take a class, I have to have (or find) a reason for wanting to take the class so I can sustain my motivation to learn throughout the full duration of the semester.

You may recall my absolutely INSANE sophomore year schedules from the fall and spring semesters. This year, I’ve lightened up on the credits because I needed more time to help balance newly added roles to my list of responsibilities.

My schedule looks like this.

The Psychology of Language

I decided to take this class for a few reasons.

  • While enduring an extremely long flight to China, I decided to watch a film called Project Nim. It is a documentary about Nim Chimpsky: a science experiment conducted to test whether or not chimps could be capable of learning a language. And an incredible story it was.
  • I have an obsession with birds and am very curious about their ability to talk and communicate. That’s why Alex & Me is one of my favorite books.
  • I think the Chinese language is amazingly different from European languages and it blows my mind how different “languages” can be from one another.
  • With my new hypnosis business, I want to learn more about the power of prosody and words to expand my general knowledge.

Physiological Psychology

I took neuropsychology last semester and loved it. Both classes are similar in that they both take a more biological approach to understand the brain and its functions. I was never quite sure how the two classes differed but having now attended a few lectures of physiological psych, it appears neuropsychology was more focused on the brain’s anatomy while physiological psychology will go more in-depth on processes of the brain like action potentials and such.

Social Psychology

I have been curious about the subject of social psychology ever since the beginning of my sophomore year.

Is it psychology? Is it sociology? What is social psychology?

Turns out it’s a fusion of the two while keeping its focus on the individual. Its goal is to understand how groups in society affect our behavior. My professor is so sweet and going to her class brightens my day.

Health Psychology

I’m taking Health Psychology to learn more about the implications of stress on our mental and physical health. Last year, I really challenged myself by taking on a lot of work all at once. There were many days when I felt overwhelmed and crunched for time from the second I woke up until I minute my phone’s calendar finally reminded me I had to go to sleep or I wouldn’t even get a full 3 hours of rest. It was really challenging and I actually didn’t mind it all that much but I still wonder how those days of excessive anxiousness may have affected my health.

I’m also curious to learn to what extent things like exercise, meditation, and relaxation techniques can diminish the negative effects of stress.

Resident Assistant Class Part 2

Last but not least, I have my mandatory RA class where I’m learning the remaining information that all new Resident Assistants are taught their first year. The nice thing about this class is that the information is scheduled to correspond with things we may currently be experiencing as RAs. Last semester during Part 1 of the course, we weren’t actually Resident Assistants yet so it was only preparation.

No more organic chemistry. No more physics. None of that. Not right now, at least. So far, I think I made the right decision.


  1. I’m taking Social Psychology at Rutgers too! I think Psychology is such an amazing field to study since there are so many subtopics associated with it, I find myself excited to learn something new every day. I hope you enjoy all of your classes this semester!!

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