10 Steps to Start A Successful Multi-Topic Blog

If you have been thinking about starting a multi-topic or multi-niche blog, I say: DO IT.

I can’t emphasize enough just how much of an amazing experience blogging has been for me over the last nine years and counting.

Blogging may seem overwhelming and appear to be a ton of hard work (and don’t get me wrong, it sure can be a lot) but at the end of the day, it is so incredibly rewarding to have a blog where people stop by, read your work, engage in conversations, and maybe even explain how something you have written has left an impact on them in some way, shape, or form.

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If you are considering starting a multi-topic blog, you may be wondering where to begin. I know the technical details can be super confusing so I created this free resource: “How to Start a Multi-Topic Blog Guide” to walk you through it all step-by-step.

By the way, I’m Rocky. The most awkward and peculiar multi-topic blogger on the internet.

I hope you enjoy this guide that I put together from the beaches of Mexico!

Did you know it was possible to make sitting in a hammock look so awkward? Until I took this photo, I didn’t.

Bloggers all around the web will advise you to select ONE niche before you get started. They treat it as a basic blogging fact.

Today, I’m here to tell you that while single niche blogging may be easier in some ways to start off with and faster to monetize in the early stages, it isn’t the only way to achieve blogging success.

It is wise to position yourself as an “expert” in whichever field you choose to focus on. For this reason, a lot of people decide to demonstrate expertise in one, single area.

Let me be honest and direct with you: blogging on a sole, single topic can get very old, very fast. How can you expect to succeed long-term if you’re bound to burn out six months from now? Of course, no one expects that to happen, but it is human nature to lose motivation over time.

How to Start a New Blog

Our attention needs to be captivated. I couldn’t imagine myself keeping this blog up and running for years if all I wrote about was one topic.

I think having my blog online for more than nine years is a testament to that. Life happens: we grow as people and develop new interests.

You might think, “This looks like a travel blog to me.” Remember, you’re seeing the byproduct of years of evolution! Travel is my primary interest right now.

I started this blog while I was a student in high school! I was writing blog posts about things I was doing after school and on the weekends. Then I blogged about my life during college for four years. But guess what! Now, my college years are a thing of the past and my blog has ADAPTED yet again! My complete archive shows this pretty clearly.

I’ve written about psychology, animals, birds, romance, entertainment, movies, books, and more on here! That’s why I’m sometimes reluctant to even use the label “travel blog.” I guess in 2022, if I had to categorize my blog, that’s what I’d now choose.

For bloggers who have diverse interests just like me, going the multi-topic route will increase your chances of achieving success. To reiterate, I believe niche blogging is a great option for experts, but the reality of the matter is that most new bloggers risk burnout. It is a fact that many people quit within their first year. The more topics and areas you open yourself to, especially early on, the lower the chance of giving up becomes.

You do not have to settle for a blog about just one topic.

A multi-topic blog can also be successful if you approach it the right way. It’s about striking a balance. Start off broad, find your topics, and then DIVE IN! Note: You want to begin broad enough that you can discuss many things without appearing like your blog lacks purpose. It is possible to find a middle ground. You simply need to have separate sections to neatly and clearly divide your work. Think of your blog as an umbrella with smaller niches within it. It’s possible to do this!

Are you still up for the challenge? If so, let’s begin! 🙂

10 Simple Steps to Starting Your Own Successful Multi-Topic Blog.

1. Select a Catchy Catch-All Name

Your blog name is where your blog begins. This is what you will promote, link to, and share with the WHOLE world. Choose wisely. You want your blog’s title to be something people can easily interpret, understand, and remember.

The Rocky Safari is a spin on my real name: Rocky Trifari. It was chosen because it rhymes, implies adventure, and has an extended meaning that ties in with the theme of my blog. In the Swahili language, “safari” means “journey!” My blog is all about my journey. A great fit, wouldn’t you agree?

Choose something FUN for your blog! Be creative with it. You don’t want to change it later (it is a lot of work to do that, trust me. I’ve been through it…) so if you can, pick a good name to start with! If your blog is going to discuss multiple topics, make sure the name isn’t too specialized so you have the flexibility to tie in all of the topics you hope to blog about.

Pro Tip: You might want to reference available domain names while choosing the name of your blog. To do that, you can check availability on Namecheap, a domain name registrar linked below for your convenience.

Register Your Domains Hassle-Free with Namecheap starting at $3.98/year

2. Sign Up Here For Discounted Hosting

To host your own blog, you can sign up for hosting with Bluehost or Siteground.

Try Bluest

Get Discounted Hosting with Bluehost

For most bloggers, this is where it starts to get a bit confusing. “Hosting? What’s hosting?” Don’t worry if you feel that way, it is normal. I know I felt that way at first. If you do decide to use Bluehost (which I recommend since it is both inexpensive and easy to use) you can sign up with the button above to gain instant access to EVEN LESS EXPENSIVE HOSTING. Did I mention Bluehost’s customer service is OUT OF THIS WORLD? Seriously.

Essentially, “hosting” refers to the place where you store and serve your website. The gateway people contact when they “open” your blog in their browser. For a new multi-topic blogger, a hosting plan needs to be fast, secure, easy to use, and affordable.

True story: When I was building my blog, I called Bluehost’s customer support line on a near-daily basis. I was a regular on their phone line, (unfortunately for them)… Tons of questions. Tons of problems. I had no idea what I was doing back then. I liked to experiment and sometimes I got myself a bit too deep into trouble. I’d break my website and get it knocked offline. Over and over again.

Bluehost always came to my rescue and fixed the problem within minutes. For your benefit, I have a Getting Started With Bluehost mini-guide below to make it easier for you to get started. Again, you can call up Bluehost with any question you may have and they will go to extreme lengths to help you out so PLEASE do not worry. It will be okay!

I actually started using Siteground once my blog grew in popularity. I did start with Bluehost though and I have used them quite happily while entering the world of self-hosted blogging. For more details on the switch, read: Why I Switched From Bluehost to Siteground. If you want to start with Siteground instead of Bluehost, these next few steps are similar so you can still use my guide to get started. Siteground’s customer service is also outstanding so they can help you too!

Related Article: The Ultimate Guide to Web Hosting for Blogs

Ad - Web Hosting from SiteGround - Crafted for easy site management. Click to learn more.

Hosting is a necessary step to be able to fully own, control, and create your own blog. Enjoy it while it is cheap because once your blog gains a lot of traffic, it becomes much more expensive to host a website. I can tell you from personal experience with my other websites that both Hostgator and ASmallOrange are horrible and I will never use them ever again.

For the best pricing, click this button to sign up:

Purchase Discounted Bluehost Hosting

My Bluehost Receipt
My Bluehost Receipt

Because I started by hosting my blog with Bluehost and had such a positive experience using them, I highly recommend you get started with them too.

To Sign Up For Hosting, Follow These Instructions Step-By-Step

First, click “Get Started.”

Select your plan.

Choice Plus is a solid, excellent plan to begin with if you value and prioritize speed and performance above all else. If you are okay with paying a bit more, begin there.

For most of you, I would recommend choosing the cheapest option (currently) at $3.95 per month. For now, you are just getting started with your blog so I think that it does not make much sense for you to pay any more than you have to. Plus, you can always upgrade your plan in the future.

Then check if your desired domain name is available.

I recommend getting a good domain name at Namecheap because their prices are the most competitive that I’ve come across so far.

Register Your Domains Hassle-Free with Namecheap starting at $3.98/year

If it is not, return to the beginning and brainstorm additional ideas. Do not rush. Also, there are a ton of new domain extensions like “.rock” or “.ninja” that seem awesome at first glance. While they may work just a well as a “.com” or “.org”, society is still a bit stuck in the “.com” mentality, and using anything else may do more harm than good.

If you already own a new domain name, you can add that one here.

Next, enter your account information.

Finally, complete your package information.

At this point, if you’re new to blogging, I would recommend choosing the 12-month plan as well as the domain privacy option. Mathematically, it works out to be a little more expensive than purchasing 36 months upfront but you never know what might happen down the line. Don’t get stuck paying more a website that you might not want to keep a year from now. If you’re a new blogger, test the waters first. On the other end, you could choose the longer option so you pay less overall and if you decide to cancel, you might qualify for a prorated refund.

In the future, you can always select a long-term option the next time around once your website is established. As far as the privacy option goes, you don’t want annoying spam mail from anyone so it is better to keep your information locked up safe.

And there you have it! Your hosting is all setup! Great job.

Step 3: Install WordPress

FREE PASS! If you’re using Bluehost, SKIP TO STEP 4!

At one time, you would log in and see a screen that looked like this. You needed to “Install WordPress,” but things have changed. Bluehost is focused on creating the best user experience possible so as of 2017, new accounts come with the installation already set up!

Bluehost Install WordPress
You don’t even have to do this anymore!

You don’t need to do anything to get WordPress installed. They’ve chosen to make it even more simple for you! Thank you, Bluehost.

While logged into your new Bluehost account, you can now open your WordPress Dashboard and you should be good to go.


Step 4. Logging Into WordPress.

After that is finished installing WordPress, you will log into your new blog by going to www.YOURNEWBLOG.com/wp-admin. This brings you to the Administrator’s page where you can access your website’s dashboard.

Log In to WordPress

Enter your username and password. Boom! You’re in!

Pro Tip: If you have a PRE-EXISTING BLOG ON WORDPRESS.COM, you can migrate it to a self-hosted server. Here is a FREE GUIDE to help you with that process.FREE BLOG MIGRATION GUIDE

Step 5. Select a Theme.

Now for the fun part!

You get to select which theme you would like to use as the foundation for the blog you will soon build. Don’t worry. It takes time to make your site look exactly the way you want. I have been blogging for years and I switched my theme five times before finding one that I finally fell in love with. Remember, this is a process.

Whether you want to use a free theme or paid theme is up to you and your budget. Once you do commit to a theme, you will have to install it on your site. Themes usually come with installation instructions so it shouldn’t be challenging if you follow them. In most cases, you will log into WordPress, click “Appearance”, then “Themes”, and finally, “Upload” up top where you can attach the file for your new theme and be on your merry way to begin blogging!

Step 6. Design a Logo

If you are artistic, feel free to draw something and scan it. If you have any graphic design abilities, create a logo in Photoshop or Illustrator. Even a screenshot of a simple text will do. You’ll want some type of logo for your website.

Another option is Fiverr.

Cheap Logo on Fiverr

If you want someone to make one for you, you could use Fiverr where you’ll pay just $5.00 for a custom-made logo.

Try Fiverr

However, I will warn you, I have yet to have anything amazing come from a sale on Fiverr. Use them with caution and understand that the more you pay for someone’s service, the better the design you’ll likely receive. I paid $35 for a design once and I was happy with the outcome! The $5 project… not so much. It’s like they say: you get what you pay for. Fiverr really is a great platform though. I have friends who have had wonderful luck using them.

Step 7. Search and Install Plug-Ins.

Plug-Ins make the world of a difference in what you can do for a blog. Want an interactive map like the one on my homepage? There’s a plugin for that! Looking for a more detailed form on a specific page? You can definitely get a plugin for that. There are plugins for just about ANYTHING. Honestly, ask and you shall receive. New plugins appear EVERY DAY.

Pro Tip: Don’t go too crazy because an excessive number of active plugins can slow down your website.

Step 8. The About Me Page.

Every blog begins somewhere. The first thing you’ll want to write is your About Me page which essentially tells readers who you are and what purpose your blog serves. Feel free to be creative at this stage and show your personality! Tell the world who you are. This page should be creative and unique and it should give readers an immediate sense of who you are.

On my blog, I have an About Me and an About My Blog. My “About Me” page explains my personal background and who I am. (I update it annually so often but it was first written in 2013.) My “About My Blog” page explains where I’m going; it is future-oriented. The choice to do both was a personal decision and you can do whatever you would like with your own blog. My suggestion is to start simple and focus on just making an “About Me.”

Step 9. Grab Social Media Handles.

If you want to build a large following, you’ll want to collect e-mails and network on social media. Make sure you set up a Facebook page and Twitter page at the very least. Some bloggers go social media crazy – I think Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are all you really need so those are the only services I use. You may find better luck on other platforms – feel free to experiment with what makes sense for your audience.

For social media, automation is key. Make it happen automatically so you can work smarter and not harder. I suggest using Tailwind for marketing on Pinterest and Instagram.

Try Tailwind

Tailwind is what I use to schedule posts and I love it.

For some social media tips, check out my Blogging Resources page!

I love to use ConvertKit to collect emails because if you operate a multi-topic blog as I do, ConvertKit allows you to “tag” your email subscribers into categories. (You’ll see a real example once you reach the end!) You’re welcome to join my mailing list if you’d like.

Step 10. Write, Write, Write!

Of course, the most important final step is to produce quality writing! You’re all set to start publishing your very own posts now. I want to wish you the best of luck blogging because I know you can do it. Dedicate yourself now and you will succeed. If you have any questions along this journey, feel free to reach out to me for help. I’d love for you to also leave a comment below if you found this tutorial helpful. I can’t wait to see your new blog!


Update 10/22/2017 – My website is now hosted over at Siteground. I explain why I switched from Bluehost to SiteGround in this post. Purchase discounted SiteGround hosting HERE.

Originally published on October 15, 2016, by Rocky Trifari.
Last updated on July 30, 2023.


02/18/2018: As of 2018, my blog has been online for 5 years! I have honestly learned so much since the day I first got started. Please take my word for it and give it a shot. Blogging can change your life.

06/2/2021: I have updated my guide once again with the latest and most relevant information applicable in 2021. Definitely take a look at which products I recommend. You can take advantage of the discounts and special offers! Best of luck to you! Hope all of this information helps!

01/23/2022: My blog has been online for 9 years! In my recent blog post, I go in-depth about why you should start your blog! In my post, I write about 9 lessons I have learned from blogging professionally for the past 9 years.

02/13/2022: Check out these resources in my Blog Resource Library to help you get started!

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  1. Anonymous

    It was so so helpful reading this !!!
    Actually am a 17 year old boy from india.
    I am currently doing an online digital marketing course from udemy.com and while doing that course suddenly an idea popped up in my mind that I should start a site..but what..so I decided a self-hosted blog site using bluehost and wordpress as u said..then I was thinking about the topic for the blog..but suddenly i thought thaT in the long run it might be boring to just write on a single topic..so i decided this blog site will have multiple topics..Nd mainly i thought that this will be a “blog for you,by you”..this means we will post about the topics which readers demand..so that we will keep them engaged with our content and they will be satisfied as they got what they wanted..so I asked my 3-4 colleagues who have knowledge about a particular topic and their writing skills are all good..one writes motivational write-ups and poems ..other one’s a gaming person..then one is a food blogger..then other one will look after film and series reviews.. so this way I divided the work as of now..but obviously am looking for more people who specialize in other topics ..Nd i will be the one who will handle the marketing of this site..so am confused how to start ..like initially i thought that we will create an interactive quiz and in the end before the results we will ask them for their email id..but then here youth hangs out more on social media than checking their mails..so then i thought that after making the site..i will keep my audience updated through social media first and directing them to our site thru social media.. And after I get a few sign ups on my site..I will arrange a quiz on my site..or give them a benefit for asking their email id in exchange..Nd I am looking forward to include more content like readers stories..some incidents they would like to share..then readers can also approach us if they want their content to be published on our site.in this way I can increase my audience..so am confused that how should I start..Nd is my idea good?..am I on the right track presently?…
    Plzz do reply..looking forward to stay in touch with you

    1. Thanks for the comment! I think that sounds like a fantastic idea, my friend. I’m so inspired to see another young mind taking to the world of website creation and blogging. I am sure that if you are passionate about your areas of expertise, you can run a very successful multi-topic blog. Your ideas sound good and appear to be on the right track. I wish you nothing but the best in your venture. I hope my article will help you in the early stages of that process as you get your multi-topic website hosted and set-up online.

      1. Anonymous

        Thank you so so much for your component..nd yes u replied so quickly sir..that shows how generous u r..
        So actually am a bit confused regarding how to start printing my blog content..first step is thinking about the topic or niche..as I said it will be a multi topic blog and a blog for the people by the people..then next step comes developing a site..which is in progress..nd i will surely follow the steps u have mentioned..then comes who will write the content..as of now iIhave got 4 people in fact 4 creative writers..so site done..I have the content..next step is to make people aware that my site exists..so that’s the main doubt in my mind that how should I start promoting..which platform should choose first …please guide me through it

        1. Yes, content creation is only half the battle. The biggest mistake you can make it to publish something and falsely believe the content will carry itself. You must promote and advertise what you do. The location of where you do that will depend on the topic itself and where the specific audience is. Are your readers lurking on Facebook, gossiping on Twitter, browsing Pinterest, or maybe are they searching the item up directly on Google where SEO optimization would be a top priority? It depends on your blog and the content. But promoting your content somewhere will absolutely be an essential step to engage in.

          1. Anonymous

            As of now am looking to create an instagram page..and through that I will keep updating them about the blogs we have posted on our site..like if I have something called 5 must try dishes for foodies..so my blog will have all the content on the site..but on instagramI I will just post the main headline..Nd in a catchy way I will direct the audience to my site..so that they read my content..and they find it engaging..nd I will ask them to sign up there itself promising them much more such content in future ..this way my instagram followers will also increase plus I csncdrive traffic through email marketing ..nd there I will preferably use Mail chimp for my email campaigns..nd in future I will include quizzes surveys polls riddles and other content which people will find interacttive nd they would like to return again nd again to our site..
            So this is how I thought I should start promoting my blog..what do u think about these steps?

          2. I think that sounds like a great place to start! I would definitely say that while you’re smart for strategizing, make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself with too much too soon. The biggest reason for failure in the world of blogging is early burn out. Get into the rhythm of forming good habits. Then, grow organically. If you can swing all of that right off the bat, I have not a doubt you will be massively successful.

  2. Faith

    Thank you for this.. Your picture on the hamaca did realy Express a bloggers “life sfyle” its encouraging cause I believe everything we do in life should be fun from the moment we wake up to when we go to bed.. it ain’t a smooth road yet have fun while your at it right.. God bless you… and all those who comment you just gave the gas to start.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Faith! Hahaha I’m so glad you could appreciate my photo in the hammock. I looked so silly but hey, it was comfortable! I really am an advocate for making the most of any situation- good or bad. With one life to live, it ought to be the best one possible, right!? I wish you all the best of luck in your blogging adventure.

  3. Vicky

    This really is such a great post, and very reassuring considering the slight negativity about multi topic blogs. Do you mind if I ask how you approach your email list with your multi topic blog? This is one area that I’m confused about; so if people sign up under one particular category or topic of your site, do you send your subscribers updates about any and all of your categories? – Hope that makes sense!

    1. The way I see it, there are 3 options. First: Don’t collect emails (probably unwise if you have the intention of retaining readers or marketing to them). Second: Use a service where in addition to signing up for a newsletter, people can choose “categories” that they want to follow. (While this takes some setting up, it’s probably the most effective option.) The third option is to offer one mailing list and collect emails from anyone who seems interested in your blog as a whole. While option 3 might generate fewer followers in comparison, the upside is that those who do subscribe will get to know “you” for who you are. Hope this helps. Thanks for stopping by, Vicky!

  4. senpaisocks

    Rocky, thanks for this tip. I’ve been feeling the pressure about choosing a single niche because of SEO and Authority reasons. Truth be told, I’m a sock collector, who loves to travel, provide internet marketing tips, and does a few random things on the side. I suppose you could say that the overall theme that connects everything are my sock photos.

    My content is various, but I have a lot to say. Thanks for the encouragement, my blog is still new!

    Just a super quick side note, what is the name of the plugin you use for your social media icons below? I’ve been looking for something like this for a while, thanks!

    1. Hello, Senpaisocks! First off, I absolutely love the inspiration behind your new blog idea. It is so unique and interesting. What you have explained also sounds like a cool idea and the topics all go together quite nicely! I wish you the best of luck in getting started and I hope my guide was able to help you with its setup.

      As for my social sharing buttons, I use this plugin: https://www.therockysafari.com/recommends-sharing

      If you need any help at all with setting it up, you can contact them directly or message me if it’s anything I might be able to help with. I’m happy to help you out in any way I can. Thanks again for reading!

      1. senpaisocks

        Hey thanks man! I apprecaite the tip. I checked out the pricing for the plugin and I’ll most likely purchase it once I’m ready to launch. At the moment I have not posted anything since my brain is somewhat all over the place haha. But yes, this is certainly what I need later.

        Let’s keep in touch for future alerts! Will let you know when I’m ready to launch haha (sometime next month)

  5. Anonymous

    Hi rocky! I would like to ask if is it okay to combine my personal blog and blog for business? I would really love to have all my personal blogs about parenting, motherhood, home lifestyle, homeschool and family travel together with my freelance business portfolio (I’m an instagram strategist) in one website. I will also add a few blogs about social media. Any thoughts? 🙂

    1. Hi there! I would say… it depends. It depends on what your personal blog is about and what your business blog is about. Do you think there’s a chance they might go together without clashing? If so, why not try! In your specific case, it sounds like your business is about Instagram strategy while your personal blog is more of a mom/lifestyle blog. If my understanding is correct, I think your business theme is something that could blend together quite nicely with a personal blog. To me, it sounds like it could work!

  6. Bryan Mapenzi

    Hey, much appreciated information! I’m tentatively launching my blog in mid-August, barring anything catastrophic, so I’m grateful for your wisdom and experience.

  7. Amit Mandal

    your post on multi topic blog has really inspired me. Can you plz guide me on how to write a blog description for multi topic blog. English language and literature, Indian culture and tradition, social issues, Hindu spirituality and philosophy – these are the things I am interested in

    1. Hi Amit! I’m so happy to hear that you are feeling inspired. I hope my article helps as you build your blog. You have a great group of interests so you will definitely be able to put together an excellent blog discussing them. It sounds like your blog’s umbrella topics would be something like religion, literature, and languages. I’d start there and keep it general while you brainstorm your concept.

  8. Cristina Kirkpatrick

    I want to first say, I have really enjoyed reading your blog. Your website is very well put together and I can only hope that eventually my website will be as awesome as yours is.

    I’m a beginner blogger, who doesn’t have one set “niche”. You could say I’m a jack of all trades. I’m pretty new to this whole ordeal and I don’t want to bore you with my life story. I was checking out your home page and I was curious how you did all that.

    I’m using WordPress and I only see two options for the home page, either a static page or a posts page and your home page looks static but you have your blog posts on there as well (like current posts).

    I hope that my question isn’t intruding, I would just love to have a stylish front page kind of like yours without making it a full on blog page as I plan on having it all on separate links…

    Thank you and have a great day!

    1. Hi Cristina!

      Congratulations on starting a blog of your very own! You know, it’s perfectly fine not to have a set niche, especially early on. Mine started extremely broad and that’s what worked for me. I typically recommend that people start with a broader “personal blog” format and then, over time, zone in. This way, bloggers have the experience and time to discover if a certain niche area is working really well for them. If it’s a good fit, with practice, you can always change and begin to specialize more in the future, should you choose to.

      I am so glad you like my design of my website. Yes, my layout is built on the WordPress platform and many of the stylizations were effectively custom-built in order to create the way it presents.

      You are correct. WordPress allows one or the other. In this instance, mine is set to a static page. The workaround here (and the reason the static page also still shows a few blog posts) is that on my “static page“ I’ve utilized additional functionality to include a “blog” section within it. Gutenberg blocks builder supports this functionality.

  9. Hey Rocky, I’ve just set up a multi niche blog this month. And guess what? Many blogs demotivated me except yours.

    Thanks for such a valueable content.

    But wait, I’ve a request. Would you make an SEO guide for multi niche blogs like ours? That would help us understand what on page and off page strategy should we leverage.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Hi Axar,

      Congratulations on setting up your multi niche blog! I’m sorry to hear other blogs were discouraging for you, but glad to know my post resonated well with you at least. I try to provide valuable content any time I can! I’ve actually been considering creating something just like that so I’m definitely happy to consider your request as a future update to the blog!

      Great to connect with you. 🙂

  10. Thank you so much for the valuable and inspiring content. I am a 13 years old girl and a high school student. Only for being fond of writing, I started my own blog eventually. I was writing about all of my interests and I was truly enjoying that. One day, I thought to search in Google about which is better between multi topic blog and a single topic blog. After watching all the top results of the question in Google, I was highly depressed. I thought to close my blog, momentarily I discovered the outstanding content. Now I am feeling more energetic than before.

    1. Abida, I am so happy you are feeling a renewed sense of excitement about your multi topic blog! Please, don’t give up!! You have years to master your craft. Keep writing! 🙂 Stick with it. Thanks for your comment, by the way! Glad you found this post helpful.

    1. Denis

      Thanks so much Rocky. I’ve been blessed reading your post. I just started blogging and honestly I have more interests and don’t want to limit myself with only one niche. So, I was wondering bcoz in preparing to get started I read a lots of articles of blogging but this practice is mostly not recommended. Yet I’ve been looking for a way to do it and then I came across your article. I’ve been fueled to go further in my blogging journey. Thanks again

      1. Hey Denis! Thanks for dropping by! I am so glad you found this guide useful and that it has helped reignite your interest to start your own blog. Definitely pursue it if this is something you have been wanting to do. I will say that long-term, identifying a target audience who has a set interest will be beneficial. However, if you’re new to things, consider multiple topics. You will find your interests and your people through that process. All I’m saying really is that you have too many ideas and can’t pick one, start broad and refine over time. You will find your way. Best of luck!

  11. Abiodun Akintola Lawrence

    Rocky! Rocky!! Rocky!!!
    You’ve actually allay my fear about starting a multi niche blogging.
    Now I believe the name AKINPEDIA chosen for my blog will definitely good for a multi niche blog

    Thanks for this wonderful and explanatory topic

  12. Debra D

    Thank you for all of this, Rocky! I have been thinking of creating a blog for women in their 50s and 60s who are trying to reinvent themselves with a career change. I want to do interviews and share the videos and resources on my website. I have been meaning to do this for years and finally I think I will do it. I appreciate your information. Thank you again.

  13. dee

    Such an amazing blog post😍 You really inspired me to keep going with my blogging plan. Since I wanted to blog about various topics, I was confused on how to grow the blog with a mail list. I think it’s the best to allow people to select categories while signing up for the newsletter. It sounds a bit tougher but I think it’s worthy.

    I want to target a female audience, writing about “bullet journaling & self improvement”, covering topics like selfcare, personal growth, productivity, etc…I also want to inspire others to start a blog, monetize it, and be their own boss, so I’d start a “blogging” category too after I learn a lot about it.

    I want to monetize my blog selling direct digital products (planner printables). I’m a planner freak and that’s why I’m motivated to create planners for others.

    I was freaking out thinking “What if readers coming for self care and journaling don’t like my blogging articles and blogger printables. And what if newbie bloggers coming for blogging tips and blogger printables aren’t interested in my journaling articles and journal spreads that I create? ”

    I still don’t know whether it’s a good idea to target 2 audiences: non-bloggers and bloggers.

    I can’t wait to hear tips and advice from you😍😍😍

    1. Thank you, Dee! I love the direction you’re thinking of taking your blog in. I believe those are all really great niche ideas and honestly, there’s probably enough overlap that you can string them together quite nicely. As far as email marketing goes, a targeted list with people tagged by interest should be sufficient for sending out content that is specific to their individual interests. If you’re happy with this post, you could use the link on my Blogging Resources tab to join ConvertKit! No obligation, but it’s always much appreciated. ConvertKit has a lot of great tagging features and automations. I highly recommend it and it sounds like it would be perfect for you! Best of luck and thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  14. Anonymous

    Hi, thanks for this motivating write up, l want to start a multi niche blog like this, focus on Christianity, blog, politics, technology, finance, business, photography and news. Is it much

    1. I’m so glad you found this helpful with your journey toward starting a blog! I think your areas of interest sound like they’d work nicely together on a new website. You can analyze the data in the early stages and refine the blog as your grow. Best of luck!

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