10 Steps to Start A Successful Multi-Topic Blog

If you have been thinking about starting a multi-topic or multi-niche blog, I say: DO IT. I can’t emphasize enough just how much of an amazing experience blogging has been for me over the last five years and counting. I know blogging may seem overwhelming and appear like a ton of hard work (and don’t get me wrong – it sure can be) but at the end of the day it is so incredibly rewarding to have a blog where people stop by, read your work, engage in conversation, and sometimes even contact you privately to explain how your writing/story impacted them in some way, shape, or form.

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If you’re considering starting a multi-topic blog, you may be wondering where to begin. I know the technical details can be super confusing so I created this free resource: “How to Start a Multi-Topic Blog Guide” to walk you through it all step-by-step.

By the way, I’m Rocky. The most awkward and peculiar multi-topic blogger on the internet. I hope you enjoy this guide that I put together from the beaches of Mexico!

Did you know it was possible to make sitting in a hammock look so awkward? Until now, I didn’t.

Bloggers all around the web will advise you to select ONE niche before you get started. They treat it as a basic blogging fact. Today, I’m here to tell you that while niche blogging may be easier and more profitable, it isn’t the only way to achieve blogging success. It is definitely smart to position yourself an “expert” in your field but let’s be honest now: blogging on one sole topic can get very old, very fast. How can you expect to succeed if you’re bound to burn out six months from now? I couldn’t imagine keeping this blog up and running for years on top of years if all I wrote about was college. Life changes, we adapt to our circumstances, we develop new interests. I blogged about my life in college for four, long years. But guess what! Now, my college years are a thing of the past and my blog has ADAPTED. For bloggers who have diverse interests just like me, going the multi-topic route will increase your chances of achieving success. To reiterate, I think niche blogging is a great option for some people but the reality is that most bloggers will burn out with it at some point along the line. The more options you open yourself to, the lower the chance of boredom becomes.

You do not have to settle for a blog about just one topic. A multi-top can be successful if you approach it from the right direction. You want to be broad enough without appearing like your blog lacks purpose as a whole. You simply want to have separate sections to neatly and clearly divide your work. Are you still up for the challenge? If so, let us begin! 🙂

10 Simple Steps to Starting Your Own Successful Multi-Topic Blog.

1. Select a Catchy Catch-All Name

Your blog name is where your blog begins. This is what you will promote, link to, and share with the WHOLE world. Choose Wisely. You want your blog’s title to be something people can easily interpret, understand, and remember. The Rocky Safari is a spin on my real name: Rocky Trifari. It was chosen because it rhymes, implies adventure, and has an extended meaning that ties in the theme of my blog. In the Swahili language, “safari” means journey! My blog is all about my journey. A great fit, wouldn’t you agree? Choose something FUN for your blog! Be creative with it. You don’t want to change it later (it is a lot of work to do that, trust me. I’ve been through it…) so if you can, pick a good name to start with! If your blog is going to discuss multiple topics, make sure the name isn’t too specialized so you have the flexibility to tie in all of the topics you hope to blog about.

2. Sign Up Here For Discounted Hosting

To host your own blog, you can sign up for hosting with Bluehost or Siteground. For most bloggers, this is where it starts to get a bit confusing. Don’t worry if you feel that way, it is normal. I know I felt that way. If you do decide to use Bluehost – which I recommend since it is both inexpensive and easy to use – you can sign up with the link above to get EVEN LESS EXPENSIVE HOSTING. Did I mention Bluehost’s customer service is OUT OF THIS WORLD? Seriously. When I was building my blog, I called their support line on a daily basis. I was a regular, unfortunately. It was my own fault though, I liked to experiment and sometimes I got myself a bit too deep into it. For your benefit, I have a Bluehost guide to make it easier for you. You can call up Bluehost with any question you have and they will go to extreme lengths to help you out so PLEASE do not worry. It will be okay!

Note: I actually use Siteground now that my blog has grown in popularity, I first started with Bluehost though and I used them for my first 12 months of self-hosted blogging. For details on the switch read: Why I Switched From Bluehost to Siteground. If you want to begin with Siteground, these next few steps are quite similar. Siteground’s customer service is also outstanding so they can help you too!

Hosting is a necessary step to be able to fully own, control, and create your own blog. Enjoy it while it is cheap because once your blog gains a lot of traffic, it becomes much more expensive to host a website. I can tell you from personal experience that both Hostgator and ASmallOrange are horrible and I will never use them ever again. (I’ll gladly e-mail you the unbelievably rude conversations their customer service representatives have had with me. Those are saved for safe keeping.)



To Sign Up, Follow this guide step-by-step:

First click “Get Started Now.”

How to Start a Multi-Topic Blog

Select your plan.

How to Start a Multi-Topic Blog

At this stage, I would recommend choosing the cheapest option (currently) at $3.95 per month. At this point, you are just getting started with your blog so it does not make much sense to pay any more than you have to. You can always upgrade your plan in the future.

Then check if your desired domain name is available.

Domain for a Multi-Topic Blog

If it is not, return to the beginning and brainstorm additional ideas. Do not rush. Also, there are a ton of new domain extensions like “.rock” and “.ninja” that look awesome at first glance. While they may work just a well as a “.com” or “.org”, society is still a bit stuck in the “.com” phase and using anything else may do more harm than good.

If you already own a new domain name, you can add that one here.

Next, enter your account information.

How to Start a Multi-Topic Blog

Finally, complete your package information.

How to Start a Multi-Topic Blog

At this point, I would actually recommend choosing the 12 month plan as well as domain privacy. Mathematically, it works out to be a little more expensive than purchasing 36 months upfront but you never know what will happen down the line. Don’t get stuck paying more a website that you don’t want to keep a year from now. If you’re a new blogger, lets test the waters first. You can select more long-term saving options next time around. As far as privacy goes, you don’t want annoying spam mail from anyone so it is better to keep your information locked up safe.

And there you have it! Your hosting is all set up! Great job.

Step 3: Install WordPress

Now that you have hosting, you can install WordPress. When you log into Bluehost you will see the following screen appear.

Bluehost Install WordPress

Scroll down until you see the following: “Install WordPress.”

Install WordPress

All it takes is one click. Follow the steps on the screen and you’ll be good to go.

Step 4. Logging Into WordPress.

After that is finished installing WordPress, you will log into your new blog by going to: www.YOURNEWBLOG.com/wp-admin.

Log In to WordPress

Enter your username and password and you’re in!


Step 5. Select a Theme.

Now for the fun part! You get to select which theme you would like to use as the foundation for the blog you will soon build. Don’t worry. It takes time to make your site look the way you want it to look like. I have been blogging here for a few years now and I still change the overall appearance rather frequently.

Whether you want to use a free theme or pay for one is up to you and your budget. Once you do commit to one, you will have to install it to your site. Themes usually come with installation instructions so it shouldn’t be challenging at all. In most cases, you will log into WordPress, click “Appearance”, then “Themes”, and finally, “Upload” where you can attach the file for your new theme and be on your merry way to begin blogging!

Step 6. Design a Logo

If you are artistic, feel free to draw something and scan it. If you have any graphic design abilities, create a logo in Photoshop or Illustrator. Even a screenshot of a simple text will do (as I’ve done on my professional website.) You’ll want a logo for your site.

Cheap Logo on Fiverr

If you want someone to make one for you, you could try Fiverr where you’ll pay just $5.00 for a custom made logo. However, I will warn you, I have not yet had anything amazing come from a sale on Fiverr. It’s like they say: you get what you pay for. Use them with caution and understand that the more you pay, the better the design you’ll most likely receive. Fiverr really is great though. I have friends who have had wonderful luck with them.

Step 7. Search and Install Plug Ins.

Plug Ins make the world of a difference in what you can do for a blog. Want an interactive map? There’s a plug in for that! Looking for a more detailed form on a specific page? You can definitely get a plug in for that. There are plug ins for just about ANYTHING. Honestly, ask and you shall receive. New plug ins appear EVERY DAY.

Step 8. The About Me Page.

Every blog begins somewhere. The first thing you’ll want to write is your About Me page which essentially tells readers who you are and what purpose your blog serves. Feel free to be creative in this stage and show your personality! Tell the world who you are. This page should be creative, unique, and give readers an immediate sense of who you are.

On my blog, I have an About Me and an About My Blog. My About Me page explains my personal background on who I am (I update it every so often but it was first written in 2013.) My About My Blog page explains where I’m going- it is more future oriented (that was written in 2018). This dual decision was a personal choice and you can do whatever you’d like with your blog. My suggestion is to start simple and focus on your About Me.

Step 9. Grab Social Media Handles.

If you want to build a large following, you’ll want to collect e-mails and network on social media. Make sure you set up a Facebook page and Twitter page at the very least. Some bloggers go social media crazy – I think Facebook and Twitter are all you really need so those are the only two services I use. You may find better luck on other platforms – feel free to experiment with this! Click here to see my Facebook and Twitter.

Step 10. Write, write, write!

Of course, the most important final step is to produce quality writing! You’re all set to start publishing your very own posts now. I want to wish you the best of luck blogging because I know you can do it. Dedicate yourself now and you will succeed. If you have any questions along this journey, feel free to reach out to me for help. I’d love for you to also leave a comment below if you found this tutorial helpful. Can’t wait to see your new blog!


Update 10/22/2017 – My website is now hosted over at Siteground. I explain why I switched from Bluehost to Siteground in this post. Purchase discounted Siteground hosting HERE.

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  1. I’m really glad I found someone who agrees with my views about blogging niches. My blog is something most professional bloggers would call random, but it’s part of who I am.

    I have organized my blog categories so navigation is easier for users. I will say that the tricky part is trying to keep all my categories around the same number of posts, but then again, that being a concern could just be my OCD kicking in lol.

    1. Fausta T.

      THIS! This is me all the way, down to the OCD part! LOL…thanks, BatchesOfBeauty, for expressing my sentiments beautifully.

      Thank you Rocky, for the amazing guide here! I had fooled around on WordPress a few years back, but didn’t do much with my (largely dormant) blog on there. I now realize that, part of the reason I didn’t move forward is exactly the subject of this post: I have had this mental battle about picking a niche vs doing a multi-topic blog. My interests could never be contained in a single-topic blog (mission impossible!)…in fact, my range of interests is quite a bit wide. Of course, there is this little voice in my head that has never stopped calling me back to revive my old, dormant blog on WordPress. I can’t stop thinking about it. I now know that I must start over, get consistent, and FINALLY do something about this burning passion inside of me. Once again, thank you! I think I’m just about ready to begin 🙂

      1. The Rocky Safari

        You are very welcome, Fausta! I say GO FOR IT! Give it another shot! If you need some help getting back into the groove, let me know. I’m happy to be of any help I possibly can! I am so happy you’re feeling inspired to begin again!!! 😀

  2. Thank you so much for this page! OMG. I like so many things and I’m confused how to write a description about my blog. When I look at the internet, most of articles would say “write a specific topic.” it’s better than multi-topic. Btw, I’m INFJ also! thanks for lots of your interesting articles!

    1. The Rocky Safari

      You’re very welcome! I hope you found it helpful!!! I’d be lying if I didn’t say niche blogging is probably easier but what fun is it all if most people burn out that way? If your objective is nothing more than to start a new hobby, write about whatever you want! By the way, did you see my latest post? It’s about 50 takeaways from a full 5 years of blogging. I thought you might like to check it out! 🙂

  3. I have a multi-niche blog and I love it! Right now it ranges from animal antics to paranormal and lots of stuff in between. I can not do 1 topic, it would drive me nuts. Thanks for the encouraging post.

    1. The Rocky Safari

      Thanks for stopping by! I visited your blog and very much enjoyed what I saw. Personally, I am fascinated with paranormal things so I was especially engaged with that section. I think offering options is the best route, in all honesty. People love having choices. Great work and keep up the great writing!

  4. At last I found answer. I am like you have a multi topic blog. Many articles on blogging suggest single topic blogs success rate is high. I was nervous until I see your post. As you have mentioned right, let me write, write and write. I will win. Thanks for the post

  5. Nice post, most of the post i have come across believe single niche is BEST..

    I have some sort of established Health blog which i want to merge with my tech blog and other topics i want to add to it, i have been searching for articles and opinions

  6. Tierra Beachem

    This was a really great articl, and to see that it is multiple people commenting and feeling the same way I feel gives me hope for my blog. It’s so many niche specific blogs out there that it was starting to be very discouraging, and you see so much negative feedback on people wanting to blog on multiple topics. So this was a light at the end of the tunnel for me. Life is way too short to focus on one specific hobby or purpose for 10 plus years at least that’s my opinion. I’m just one of this people that need to move at the beat of her own drum, it’s too much on my brain to force it to change and think about one topic. Choosing a free theme for me has been my major challenge for my multi-topic/multi-purpose blog and I’m not tech savvy so it’s been a rough start up while being on a budget due to liking more purchased options over the free.I just love too write. So please wish me well as I’m beginning my journey. You now have a new reader. Thanks again!

    1. The Rocky Safari

      Best of luck, Tierra! I agree with you 100%. Write about whatever you are passionate about. I might as even go as far as to say it is the only way! And the most natural path to follow. Just curious, I see some time has now passed since you first stopped by my blog. I wanted to check in and see how your blog is coming along!

  7. Thank you,Rocky Safari .I think many people find difficulties in grouping the blogs in few sections by using only 5 or 6 Main Topics.Could you recommend how to create a general blog that can cover everything from Politics to Social networks by only using five main categories.

    1. The Rocky Safari

      Hi! Thanks for the comment. It’s complicated for me to answer that question without some other information first. One example of 5 blogging categories I might suggest: Politics, Social Networks, Health, News, and Fashion. It really depends on your interests though. I couldn’t tell you the right direction to go in without first asking what your goals, interests, and blogging objectives are.

  8. Future blogs

    Hi Rocky. As a new blogger, I enjoyed reading this article, thank you a lot. What caught my attention was that you had experience with Hostgator which, in my opinion, is not a bad choice as long as you don’t get your expectations for reliability too high. And their support is not what people are expecting, it is not what I expected as well. Just wanted to give a piece from advice so that people don’t get burned – host your websites on smaller web hosting companies – they care for you more. For example Hostinger is a great choice, they even give an extra discount with a code providing you with a percentage off which makes the price very attractive as well. Siteground is also a fantastic choice which offers great performance and reliability – tried them myself. Use Siteground.

  9. Thanks so much for this article! I used to write around 4 niche blogs, but they became rather hard to manage. After a rather long hiatus, I came back to blogging and decided to just go ahead and combine all my writing together. I have an interest in a lot of things and I feel my blog is very reflective of who I am. Your article only convinces me that I made the right step. Cheers!

    1. The Rocky Safari

      You’re most welcome! You absolutely have made the right choice. One important benefit to having everything under one domain is that it gets more traffic across the board. For a personal blog, I think this is a brilliant strategy. Best of luck! Thanks for reading!

  10. Head Trip

    I have 3 websites and so far my newest site is doing better than the others (not overall, but from the start.) I actually started this one to remove the redundancy, post non professionally about strange, random things, and allow my family and friends to say whatever. Personally, I don’t see a reason to categorize my topics, because I believe that anyone else who wears a tin foil hat would enjoy and relate to whatever’s on there lol. We’ll see though. I’m going to focus more on this blog and see what happens. I actually found this post when I asked Google why my multi niche site seems so much easier to monetize. I haven’t promoted it anywhere except Pinterest (once). Your page is awesome. I believe that you may also wear a tin foil hat..?? lol

    1. The Rocky Safari

      That’s great! I’m glad you’re having more success with it this time around. I think it is good to appeal to a wide audience in certain cases! Thanks so much for the kind words about my site! I appreciate it!

  11. I agree. It all boils down to how well you section the parts or aspects of your multi-topic and -faceted blog. It could be hard at first but it’s all worth the brainstorming and contemplation.

    Being a multi-niche blogger myself, I also realized the importance of an all encompassing blog name, just like what you suggested in this article. Honestly, that’s the most challenging part for me. I had to think of something that will represent my interests on bible devotions, law and politics, and some girly lifestyle stuff. Lol. So, I came up with the blog name The Open Concavity.

    I am happy to have stumbled upon your site. I will definitely consider Bluehost or Siteground as I take my blogging to the next level. Thank you for your recommendations.

  12. Marialena Michanetzi

    Hi! Thank you for your article. I’m trying to start my own multi-topic blog and all your advice helps! I feel a little stuck and am worried that I’m making the blog too niche-like without meaning to. But I am determined!

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