I’m Going to be a Resident Assistant Next Year!

Last Updated on September 29, 2023

IT’S OFFICIAL! It’s been a long and difficult process but I finally heard back and I am going to be a Resident Assistant on-campus at Rutgers next year! I get to help freshmen adjust to life in college and I honestly can’t wait. <3

As a freshman, I wanted to become an RA but I didn’t know about the application process until it was too late to apply. Instead, I re-applied for a double with my roommate. Unfortunately for us, having lottery numbers #9,000 and #11,000, we were left without housing and were put on the Wait List. That is, until we heard back from the housing department a week before classes started and were offered a spot in the best dorm on campus: B.E.S.T.!

Refusing to miss the opportunity again, I made sure to apply in December. I went through the whole process which included a group interview, a panel interview, and an individual interview. While I don’t believe I can or should discuss what took place in those interviews, I will say that my panel interview turned out to be rather interesting. There was actually one question they asked me that I will never forget. As I started to respond, I completely lost control and burst out crying in front of the panel. I was mildly horrified. I guess it was just a sensitive topic for me. I’m still in shock from what took place.

After much waiting, I’ve finally heard back and I have officially been offered a position as a Resident Assistant in a co-ed freshman dormitory! YAY! 😀 I am SOOOOOO excited!

The next step in my journey is figuring out what’s going to happen since there isn’t a single 3-hour Foundations of the Resident Assistant Experience 101 course that fits into my chaotic schedule this semester. It’s a mandatory course so I’m curious to see how they go about enrolling me in it.


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