Feast Upon Seafood at Rutgers King Neptune Night

Last Updated on September 6, 2023

The hype surrounding King Neptune Night at Rutgers is really something. All of the dining halls begin decorating for the big event a few nights in advance. Certain dining halls adjust their seating layout to accommodate the increased number of expected guests, and signs are posted to advertise the event. It’s clear that a lot of planning goes into it.

Laying out the crab legs

Students can bring a guest at a cost of two guest-swipes per person or $60 per person. Since each student is permitted 10 guest swipes a semester, someone who brings 5 guests would use up all of their semester-long quotas for bringing guests to the dining halls. From what I’ve observed, many students invite their families.

Unlimited crab legs and shrimp for everyone

Rutgers made the decision to go tray-less this year. Not having a tray made King Neptune Night more difficult to manage and, in my opinion, less fun compared to last year. Still, it was great.

It’s so frustrating to only be able to carry a plate of shrimps in one hand and a drink in another when I think back to last year and I remember carrying a tray with shrimps, crab legs, a full lobster, melted butter, a drink, and my utensils. Not to mention, tray #2 featured salmon, mussels, crab, and fun desserts.


I still enjoyed this year but it was a lot harder and more time consuming to feast as much as I did last year. Props to Rutgers for discovering such a phenomenal way of getting people to consume less food.

I went early enough that there was no wait to get in and just like last year, I was surprised to find an incredibly long line of people waiting to get in as I left.

the line was very long – not sure if this picture does it justice

Oh, and it wouldn’t be a complete King Neptune Night without a picture with the lobster lady on Busch!


  1. julianasuelee

    I think King Neptune night is a hype. I mean don’t get me wrong I love it! That’s the day that I actually finish my food. But it’s not THAT great. I didn’t get a chance to go this year but just from my friends I could tell that the line was ridiculously long. I know on livi there were like two lines in different directions. I also agree that the trays make everything so less enjoyable! Especially for the people who eats 12 lobsters, they have to go back and forth and I feel like that just causes more lines and chaos!

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