Calculus, Let’s Do This!

Last Updated on September 29, 2023

If any class has ever given me a run for my money, it’s calculus. School is my priority and I study hard but for whatever reason, calculus has proved time and time again to be a serious challenge for me.

The first time I took it, it was in high school and I was doing rather well. I was in a small class with a not-so-nice professor. It was my first time seeing the new material and I had gotten overwhelmed by all of the work I had on my plate as the semester drew on. In addition to learning the material in a college-level class, I was trying to complete college applications, lead student organizations, and juggle work from classes that were going on all at the same time. It was a lot.

I ended up withdrawing because I didn’t want to do poorly and risk having my college admission to Rutgers rescinded for a class that I didn’t even need. I was choosing to take it for my own benefit.

Then I took it again to take it during my first semester at Rutgers where I did need it. It’s a required course for pre-business and pre-med students so no matter what, I need calc. Well, taking it my first semester there wasn’t very smart either. I should have waited. 16 credits, my first job, and my first time living on my own… not a good combination. When my grandpa passed away the day before the final withdrawal date, I knew that was a sign that I needed to get out and get out fast.

Thank goodness I did. The rest of my semester was amazing and I did really well in all of my other classes.

Now today was the first day of my first summer class and I’m excited to give calculus another chance! Third time’s a charm.

It is a five-week course that meets four times a week for 2 hours per class. I HAVE to pass this time. I’m going to focus on calculus these next few weeks and nothing else because if I don’t make it through this time, I just don’t even know what I’m going to do. Let’s not go there though because it’s not going to happen. I will pass.

But, of course, it can’t be that simple. I’m missing an entire week of my five-week class because I’ll be in California for a special internship. Luckily, I got permission to let my friend record the lectures I’m missing so it should be okay. Having a friend in the class to study with makes the world of a difference in terms of survival.

These next 5 weeks are going to be intense but I’m looking forward to the challenge. Ok, now to get back to studying.


  1. It’s been the bane of many, Rocky. Valiant academic effort aside, I failed it the first semester taken. Passed it barely the second time around, disliking it the entire time and to this day wonder why the hell I even took the class. Ask how much I’ve used it in my professional life? 🙂

  2. I’ve just discovered your blog as of today and I must say interesting story. I know how you feel when it comes to Math. I’m really not the best of it and I’m changing my major to Computer Information Systems so for me, it is quite a challenge knowing that I may have to take Calculus. I wish you the best in your endeavors. 🙂

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