I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Rice Dream

Shout out to Rice Dream for being my go-to drink this past semester. I had so many long nights when I’d turn to my cartons of rice milk at 3am before proceeding to work through all of my chemistry problems and whatnot.

Photo Dec 18, 2 50 34 PM
Surviving off of Rice Dream

During finals week, I was practically living off of the stuff. Ever since I came home for Winter Break, I have been without the dairy-free milk alternative and I’ve been missing it greatly. It’s been surprisingly difficult to find… 🙁

I had four cartons left after I finished my exams. I left two in the fridge for my roommate to try and took two home to put in my parents’ stockings (Merry Christmas, Mom and Dad!).

rice dream
A Christmas Gift for my Roommate

My one friend makes me laugh. When she sees me with Rice Dream she says, “Rocky, I really want to like that stuff. I honestly try so hard but I just can’t.”

I guess it’s not for everyone.

I may have even considered using my Amazon gift cards to order it online…

Screen shot 2015-01-03 at 11.29.21 AM
A Pack of 24 for $40.00.

Life without Rice Dream has been sad. Luckily, all of that changed this weekend while I was at Winter Retreat with my fraternity brothers. I was enjoying a nice conversation with a brother of mine when someone pulled out a big carton of Rice Dream from the fridge and asked who wanted it.

Everything around me paused.


Photo Jan 11, 10 49 56 AM
<3 <3 <3

This was the biggest carton of Rice Dream I’ve ever seen! My rice dream came true!

Life is good again.


    1. Thanks! I fell in love with Ginger Ale when I tried it two summers ago. It’s actually pretty good!! I always avoided it in fear of it tasting like seltzer for some reason. But then I gave up drinking soda in September of 2013 and haven’t had any since. 🙁

  1. Craig J Golbach

    I think you have me awestruck or something of that nature. I was doing some grocery shopping a couple hours ago and what to my wondering eyes should appear? But an entire shelf full of RICE DREAM of every nature… organic, vanilla, chocolate, enriched… I nearly dropped to my knees when I rounded that corner into that aisle. I did however immediately take a few pictures. (couldn’t figure out how to send or attach) And like a dummy, I realized that I got home and didn’t purchase any! Ugh! 🙁

    1. Ahahaha this is my favorite comment I’ve read all day!! 🙂 I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU FOUND IT! I went to two stores yesterday specifically looking for Rice Dream and I still couldn’t find it. If you have photos you would like to share, I’d love to see them! You’re welcome to send them to my blogging e-mail: [email protected] Thanks!

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