I’ll Just Pretend I’m a Freshman…

My second year at Rutgers University has been off to a good start so far. My classes this semester are:

1. General Biology and Workshop
2. General Chemistry and Online Recitation
3. Chem Lab
4. Intro to Sociology
5. Abnormal Psychology
6. Creative Blogging

That makes up a total of 18 credits- my heaviest course-load yet.

Most people advise against taking general biology and general chemistry together at the same time. Both are considered “freshmen weed-out courses” and for students who do take¬†both, it’s¬†recommend that they stay around¬†12-15 credits max. However, I chose to keep 18 credits for a few¬†reasons.

1. If I really am switching over to the sciences, I’m now a year behind.
2. I had to take at least 16 credits in order to be able to withdraw, if need be.
3. I wanted to take Sociology, Abnormal Psych, and Creative Blogging.
4. I think if I stay focused, I can make it happen.

And, well, this¬†has to happen. Add/drop is now over so¬†I’m locked in. I tried¬†to hit the ground running although this week was a little rough for me. I’ve been sick since Saturday so I’ve fallen a little behind in some of my readings but I’ll catch up!

Since I’ve been carrying¬†around my¬†bio and chem¬†textbooks,¬†people look at me and ask, “Oh, are you a freshman?” and then I have to explain, “No¬†haha, I’m actually a sophomore. I’m taking bio and chem together right now because I’m still technically in the Business School and I never took any science classes last year-”¬†and then it gets complicated and people¬†usually¬†just stare in confusion so¬†I made the decision to stop fighting it.¬†Now I simply respond, “Yes I am! How about you?”

I think I can pass! I’m still 18 and it’s also my first year living in a dorm that you’re only supposed to get into as a freshman. It’s like this was destiny.


    1. Thank you!! ūüėÄ Yeah, it’s a special section of creative writing that the university offers. The professor is allowing me to use this blog for the course so anything class-related will be located in the new “Creative Blogging” tab under “My Strangest Stories”. ūüôā And thanks again, I sure hope so!

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