Meet Your New Mad Scientist: “Revolving Rocky”

After a long period of training, the time has come for me to take to the roads as the world’s newest,¬†most¬†ingenious Mad Scientist! In the coming weeks, assuming all goes well, I will be traveling all around the state performing science-themed birthday parties for kids of all ages! I am so incredibly excited to show kids how fun science can be.


Fun fact: At my 7th birthday party, I actually had my very own Mad Science party at my house. I remember it very clearly to this day. Being on the other end now, as THE Mad Science Birthday Party Instructor, is so surreal. But man am I pumped for it.

My first birthday party is TOMORROW. It’s a Halloween themed POLYMER PARTY! Ahh!


I have been having a little anxiety all week long about my first party this weekend. We are now one day away and I still have not had much time at all to practice the science experiments or to prepare a specialized Halloween script. On top of the short timeline, since this is my first party, I will have to do a live demonstration to my boss beforehand to show that I am ready to go out to the real birthday party. NO PRESSURE.

I know the kids will have great energy but I just hope I can leave as wonderful of an impression on them as my Mad Scientist left on¬†me. That birthday party was so great and I definitely feel some degree of pressure to make sure everyone else’s are¬†too. Growing up, I always told people I wanted to be an Artist and a Scientist some day. If there’s a kid or two at my party saying the same thing, I want to make them believe in that even more strongly.

I have already been scheduled for four additional parties and I haven’t even done¬†my first one yet. This job is clearly¬†fast paced but I love everything it stands for. Science is such a¬†fascinating¬†subject and what could possibly be better than teaching its essential core¬†lessons¬†through super awesome demonstrations!!!?!?


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