Meet Your New Mad Scientist: “Revolving Rocky”

Last Updated on September 29, 2023

After a long period of training, the time has come for me to take to the roads as the world’s newest, most ingenious Mad Scientist! In the coming weeks, assuming all goes well, I will be traveling all around the state performing science-themed birthday parties for kids of all ages! I am so incredibly excited to show kids how fun science can be.

Fun fact: At my 7th birthday party, I actually had my very own Mad Science party at my house. I remember it very clearly to this day. Being on the other end now, as THE Mad Science Birthday Party Instructor, is so surreal. But man am I pumped for it.

My first birthday party is TOMORROW. It’s a Halloween-themed POLYMER PARTY! Ahh!

I have been having a little anxiety all week long about my first party this weekend. We are now one day away and I still have not had much time at all to practice the science experiments or to prepare a specialized Halloween script. On top of the short timeline, since this is my first party, I will have to do a live demonstration to my boss beforehand to show that I am ready to go out to the real birthday party. NO PRESSURE.

I know the kids will have great energy but I just hope I can leave as wonderful of an impression on them as my Mad Scientist left on me. That birthday party was so great and I definitely feel some degree of pressure to make sure everyone else’s are too. Growing up, I always told people I wanted to be an Artist and a Scientist someday. If there’s a kid or two at my party saying the same thing, I want to make them believe in that even more strongly.

I have already been scheduled for four additional parties and I haven’t even done my first one yet. This job is clearly fast-paced but I love everything it stands for. Science is such a fascinating subject and what could possibly be better than teaching its essential core lessons through super awesome demonstrations!!!?!?


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