My College Graduation Cruise Was Everything I Could Ask For + More

My mother and father decided to throw a huge graduation party in my honor after I completed my bachelors degree at Rutgers University. Normally I am more party-averse and opt to keep things low key when the time comes to celebrate. I can’t even remember the last time I celebrated my birthday with anyone beyond my immediate family, for instance. This time, when my parents approached me about either having a graduation party or receiving a cash gift, I thought it would be nicer to celebrate something for a change. I am a first generation college graduate, after all!

Friends Going to Graduation Cruise

I’m embarrassed to admit that up until that very point, I had really taken for granted what I had done. Going to college and graduating is a big deal. I needed to remind myself. Somehow, I seemed to forget that. To me, “attending college” felt so normal. I went through all the ropes of college and never though much of the obstacles, long nights, and challenges that I faced along the way. The fact that I was able to get accepted to college, somewhat afford it, complete my degree in four years despite changing majors a million times, and embrace the time I spent there were but a few of the many reasons I had to celebrate my graduation.

My mother and father really went all out for my graduation party. I don’t know what overcame them but they put so much time, effort, and money into the party and I really felt so blessed when I saw just how much they did for me. My parents decided to send our family and a few of my friends and coworkers on a Graduation Brunch Cruise followed by coffee and cake at our house. What!? I was not expecting something so extravagant when I agreed to have a party for myself.

At 10AM, everyone came to our house for breakfast. My parents served coffee, tea, and a bunch of other stuff. In hindsight, I never actually made it inside to see what there was. My morning was spent greeting everyone outside the front of our home in front of this huge balloon arch my parents built themselves. My dad hung a huge congratulatory banner with my face on it. There were even Rocky water bottles with my face on the label. Everything red. Everything Rutgers. It was pretty funny. Around 10:30, a bus picked everyone up and took us into New York City where the Hornblower Infinity yacht was based.

The Hornblower was INCREDIBLE. I was in awe over the beauty of how the food was arranged. The brunch cruise featured a great assortment of foods, jazz music, unlimited mimosas, and of course a stunning view of the NYC skyline. We sailed right up to the Statue of Liberty. I had so much fun running around with everyone, taking photos, and dancing.

When the jazzy champagne cruise was over, the bus picked us all up and brought us back to our house. It was so sad. When we pulled up the house, the balloon arch was bare naked with nothing but PVC pipes showing since the heat made all of the balloons pop! Not a single balloon remained. Everyone shuffled into the house and it was then that my mother broke out all of the desserts. The red Rutgers candy table she spent days assembling, the awesome graduation cap cake, and my favorite: my mom’s pignoli nut cookies. <3

I said it to them a million times but I owe my parents a HUGE shout out for the best party I ever could have wished for. I am SO appreciative of the time and energy they invested in making this one of the best days of my life.

I never could have made it through college without both of your love and support. Thanks again. <3




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