My Quarter-Life Crisis Is Happening

Last Updated on September 29, 2023

I’m officially experiencing my quarter-life crisis. It’s happening. Right now.

In ten days, my boyfriend leaves the United States to return back to his home in Spain- a flight that departs merely days before our one-year dating anniversary. Talk about emotionally devastating timing. Most couples get to celebrate together and look forward to these things. Unfortunately, given our circumstances, we will be torn apart right before we can celebrate that milestone together in person. With no guaranteed certainty about where life will take either of us from there.

This is it. This is us finally facing the reality of the situation that I have dwelled on since day one. The worry about what would happen at the end of the foreign exchange. I can’t believe it was nearly a whole year ago that I published my post Would You Date Someone From Another Country? For those of you who have been following along since the beginning, isn’t it incredible how fast time has gone by? I can’t quite fathom it.

One year ago

Coincidentally, the same day Jorge leaves for Spain, I have to somehow emotionally prepare myself to return to school and begin my second year of Resident Assistant training. Yes, the same day. That will be fun, I’m sure.

It’s almost overwhelming just thinking about the fact that I’m going to be a senior in college now. Wow. Really? Already? How??? Every year of college seems to go by faster than the last. Is this how life works? Will it keep speeding up more and more?

In the midst of my panic, I couldn’t help but stress over what comes next. What comes after college. I have switched my major nearly every year of college so far. Starting in business, I jumped over to medicine, eventually switched and finished a major in psychology, and now I’m ending my last year of college minoring in entrepreneurship. So yes, it’s true, I have been all over the place. However, I like to think all of this was much more strategic and less impulsive than it appears here. (And to be fair, all of this exploration was done with the ultimate goal of determining my true passion and calling in life. Which I believe I have now found. But don’t hold me to that. πŸ˜‰ )

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