In Transit to See In Transit, I Realized I Forgot My Broadway Ticket

Last Updated on September 29, 2023

Theater Appreciation is one heck of a time commitment. I knew I’d have to watch a bunch of plays but I did not expect to see one play almost every weekend. It’s unbelievable. This past weekend, my friend Dan and I both went to New York City to watch In Transit on Broadway. The plan was to meet up in the city beforehand.

We met up around 3PM outside New York Penn Station. From there, we decided to grab a late lunch and walked to a nearby burger place that Dan recommended. As we weaved between people walking in every direction imaginable, I suddenly stopped dead in my tracks.

I realized something. Something very bad. “Oh my god,” was all I could manage.

“What?” Dan asked. “What happened?”

“Oh my god.”

“What? What happened????” He asked again.

“I……. forgot… my… ticket…..”

Flustered, I began checking my wallet, my jean pockets, my jacket, every single possible spot I could have placed it but it was no use. I knew my ticket was in my backpack back in my dorm room. I had no recollection of ever taking it out before leaving for the city.

If you traveled an hour to get into the city and realized while leaving the train station that you forgot the ticket for the play you were going to see, what would you do? Besides being super mad at myself, I tried to laugh it off and my mind raced for answers.

It was still early. I could go back to Rutgers but that would mean spending four hours of my day riding public transportation, spending another $30.00 on top of the $30.00 I spent on my original round trip fare, and cutting it extremely close in terms of being at the theater on time.

No, I couldn’t do that.

I could buy another ticket. But what would that cost me? We logged on with our phones to check. Tickets were limited. The least expensive one available was $180 and the most expensive one was around $360. NOPE. The student tickets were only $40.00 and I already paid for that one. Not happening. I have to save up money for other things, I couldn’t spare that much extra cash.

Couldn’t do that.

I could still spend the day in the city. Enjoy New York and hang out with Dan. Then part ways when he goes to the play? I could then go home. Super disappointing but realistic given the situation.

No, I wasn’t giving up that easily.

I tried calling the theater’s customer service number. The first two representatives tried to help me but they said they couldn’t do much since the tickets were purchased as a group sale. When I told them my story of forgetting the ticket at home, the first two representatives apologized and hung up on me saying there was nothing else they could do. I was unconvinced.

I stopped, took a deep breath, and tried once more. The third time’s a charm.

This time, I kindly called and explained to them that I dropped my ticket down a drain while walking around New York City and asked if they could please reprint my ticket for me and the woman on the line said YES.


YESSSSSSS. Sure enough, we walked into the theater’s box office, I said my name to the person, and my reprinted ticket was waiting in a nicely labeled envelope. HALLELUJAH.

And thank goodness because In Transit was an amazing production. It may even be the best play I have ever watched in my life. I had no idea there was a gay storyline in it. The play was so realistic and really hit home. Loved the woman’s dress made out of Metro Cards. So funny. Oh and the fact that every sound effect in the entire play is made from their… voices!? Wow! So much talent.

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