I Have Successfully Managed to Change The Focus of My Studies Every Single Year of College

Last Updated on September 29, 2023

Here I am. Beginning my senior year at Rutgers University. Now in the home stretch of completing my degree and preparing to graduate from college. How surreal to think that (assuming everything goes as planned…) this will be my final year of college.

I have somehow managed to essentially switch my major every year I have been here. As a freshman, I entered Rutgers as a business student. Following a significant revelation, I decided to transfer out and follow the pre-medical track instead. I spent my sophomore year taking the appropriate science classes. The first weekend of my junior year, I had a slightly more panicked existential crisis realizing my college career was now more than halfway over and medical school lost much of its appeal. So I switched to Psychology.

I managed to start and essentially finish my major last year alone. Having my boyfriend’s support along the way made a huge difference in tackling all of the course requirements. Now, I am left with my entire senior year to start and finish whatever my minor shall be. With a new plan for myself in mind, I’ve decided to go full circle, back to the Business School, for a minor in Entrepreneurship. I have a few ventures in mind and I think the additional business skills will be a great asset. On that note, let’s jump into my Fall 2016 Senior Year Course Schedule. (Heads up: there is a lot of entrepreneurial stuff…)

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Introduction to Entrepreneurship is, like its name suggests, an introductory class. In terms of class size, it is my largest lecture of the semester (though for a lecture hall, it pales in comparison to the size of the lecture halls where I took Gen Chemistry and Biology.) The class is based on a major group project.

Accounting for Entrepreneurs

It is funny how the universe works sometimes. Part of my reasoning for switching out of the Business School was to avoid having to take accounting and finance. And look at where this got me! Right back into classes for accounting and finance. But you know what, I’m actually glad. I’m up for the challenge and there’s no denying how useful background in these subjects can be for anyone really. I was determined to take biology and chemistry just to see how challenging they really were. Applying that same philosophy here.

Marketing for Entrepreneurs

When I was in high school, I was dual-enrolled in a college-level Marketing Class. The credits for that didn’t transfer to fulfill this requirement so I’ll be taking marketing again and hopefully getting something new out of it. A lot can change in four years and there is also the fact that this class is actually taught at Rutgers. Let’s hope I learn a new thing or two!

Finance for Entrepreneurs

Similar to what I mentioned in the description for my Accounting class, I have avoided taking Finance ever since I started college. Now there’s no more running. The time to tackle it is here. And if nothing else, I’m hoping to leave feeling similar to how I felt when I took micro and macroeconomics: that it was super difficult but extremely informative in making smarter business & monetary decisions. Also, my high school graduating class was one of the last ones to slip through before taking a finance class became a graduation requirement. Hopefully, this covers any potential educational gap in that area.

Abnormal Psychology Lab

Last but not least, my one NOT entrepreneurship class: Abnormal Psychology Lab! This three-hour 1 credit lab is the final class I need to completely satisfy all of my major’s requirements. Since Abnormal Psychology was my favorite course (aside from maybe neuropsychopharmacology) I figured this would be the lab of greatest interest to me. My career interests have definitely shifted recently but my fascination with abnormal psychology is still very much present. I have always wanted to dabble with research in psychology too and now the opportunity has presented itself.

Senior year, let’s go.


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