My Final Senior Year Course Schedule at Rutgers University

Last Updated on September 29, 2023

As you may know, this is my last semester of college. Three months away from graduation. Surreal, insanity, and excitement are but a few of the words I could use to describe what I’m feeling right now. Um, didn’t I just graduate from high school?

To qualify for graduation from Rutgers University, students must first complete a total of 120 credits worth of coursework. In the process of accumulating those credits, students are expected to complete a major, a mandatory minor (unless your major is considered “credit intensive,” in which case you’d be exempt), as well as a number of general education requirements referred to as “SAS core curriculum” all students study to obtain a well-rounded education.

With my psychology major now complete, my last semester of college is being devoted to finishing my entrepreneurship minor and final two core requirements. In other words, I only need 4 more classes (12 credits) to finish everything! As a Resident Assistant working on campus, 12 credits is the minimum amount of credits I’d be allowed to enroll in. So in the end, everything worked out perfectly despite changing the focus of my studies every single year of college.

My Senior Year Spring Semester Course Schedule

World Cultural Regions

Rutgers World Cultural Regions

As my blog has a large section devoted to world travel, I thought it would be fitting to fulfill my Historical Analysis (HST) by taking World Cultural Regions at Rutgers. What better way to plan and prepare for my dream of one day traveling the world, right? Region by region, we discuss big topics like food, education, employment, and language. Our professor, Dr. Bender, is a fantastic faculty member from our geography department who is unbelievably friendly and passionate about her course and her students. I love going to her class each week.

Students have the option of giving an extra credit cultural presentation on a region of our choice. After the first day of class, I volunteered to present Food from Spain in class the following week. Jorge helped me put it all together and it was a total blast revisiting my memories from Spain. The presentation went well!

Theater Appreciation

Rutgers Theater Appreciation

Honestly, I never wanted to take Theater Appreciation at Rutgers. I had this totally arrogant and unfair notion that people only took this class because it was an “easy A.” Ha… Well, as it turns out, Theater Appreciation actually fulfills the Human Experience (AHo) requirement at Rutgers which I never fulfilled! Go figure.

In hindsight, this worked out really well for me. Theater Appreciation requires you to see 7 or 8 plays outside of class which has the potential to be so much fun! There is a bit of a time commitment involved but if there was ever a time to do it, isn’t it the second semester of your senior year!? Oh, and considering I am trying to improve my stage presence for future presentations, what a great way to study people acting/speaking up in front of large audiences!

Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship

Rutgers Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship

Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (ICE) is an Entrepreneurship course taught within Rutgers Business School. I selected it as my elective out of plain curiosity from its name. The course talks a bit about mindset, areas of psychology (a nice tie-in with my major), and tactics to be an overall better person. I would definitely say it has been helping me clarify my plans for the future while simultaneously building up the courage to become an entrepreneur.

My main complaint would be that, despite being an “open environment,” the large 100-person lecture hall utilizes a rapid-fire question and answer format which is not exactly conducive to garnering input from introverts who tend to think in detail before speaking. The saying, “Listen with the intent to understand, not the intent to reply,” does not pertain to this class. Participation is a significant portion of your grade so after the professor asks any question, you can bet 3 to 4 hands will immediately shoot up and he immediately calls on them. My mind begins crafting a response pulling in outside information and stories but by the time I feel prepared to share my thoughts, we’ve already moved onto the next topic. I find it very frustrating.

Managing Growing Ventures

Managing Growing Ventures

Last but not least, I’m taking Managing Growing Ventures. Not going to lie: I am mostly taking this class because I have to. It is the last requirement to complete my minor. However, there are two positives that have already occurred just from taking this class. First off, I get to directly work with a psychotherapist to help her improve her business. I am going to find that extremely interesting since I was pursuing that same career path at one time. Secondly, my professor contacted Mad Science to ask if I can throw her two children a Polymer Party! How fun! Hahaha.

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    Your mindset towards the classes you take is very refreshing: how you look for the pros in each class while also being honest about the cons, and try to find what’s genuinely interesting to you in each. So close to graduation–I’m a semester away from graduating high school as well 🙂 Hope you enjoy your last semester in college Rocky!

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