Interacting with INFJs In My Personality Psychology Class

Last Updated on September 29, 2023

In my Personality Psychology class, we did an in-class MBTI activity earlier this month. Everyone in my class took a free online version of the MBTI for homework. After getting our results, we submitted them to our professor so she could see which types were over and underrepresented in our class and determine which ones to spend more time discussing in class.

Sure enough, I took the assessment and got INFJ just like I did when I took the official Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator in my Management Skills class.

When I showed up to class the day of the activity, the classroom was surrounded by signs with each of the 16 unique types. Once she started class, she asked us to find our corresponding type and stand in that section of the room.

Part of me wondered if there would be any other INFJs in my class. Considering it’s the least common of the 16 personality types, it wouldn’t be that surprising if I was alone. On the other hand, I reminded myself that I was in a Personality Psychology class so INFJs would likely be overrepresented in such a class.

INFJs love psychology, especially personality psychology.

Sure enough, the INFJ group was HUGE. Not quite the largest in the class but close to it! ENTJ and ENFJ had the most. Even so, I was a little shocked by the number of INFJs we had.

After talking to the other INFJs in my group, I was skeptical if they were actually INFJs. Some of them sounded more like INFPs or ISFJs from what they were describing to me. Three or four of them even admitted to randomly clicking things to finish the assessment as quickly as possible. I found that a little frustrating. Most of our group felt the description didn’t really sound like them.

There was actually one girl in our group who I knew from my Birdwatching class. I can totally see her as being INFJ. She is also an Abnormal Psychology TA with me this semester too. I overheard someone ask her, “So what did you think? Did the description sound like you?” and her response was, “Yeah, it actually sounded so much like me that I was kind of freaked out by it.”

When you respond to the description like that, that’s when you know you’re an INFJ.

I Met an INFJ Reader from My Blog

Perhaps one of the best parts of blogging is having the opportunity to bump into your readers at the most unexpected times. Sending a special shout out to Alexis, an INFJ who came across my blog after discovering his MBTI personality type. I really enjoyed our conversation over dinner at Subway haha. I hope we cross paths again someday!

Best of luck with everything. Keep in touch! 🙂


  1. Oh I found that too when we did the MBTI in class! I’m an INFJ too, and those descriptions were seriously creepy – so correct it’s a little disturbing :S
    So many people seem to WANT to identify with INFJ, but in all honesty, truly being one is NOT all it’s cracked up to be sometimes.

      1. It really does depend on the situation – and also on how they ask the questions!
        My issue is that it’s not that I don’t consider the feelings side of things – I do. But my issue comes with the fact that I do that consciously, not by default.
        So I guess that might make me more of an INTJ, because I do think about everything – but I don’t completely ignore the Feeling things.
        People have said that I do seem to have a sort of “sixth sense” for picking up on vibes from people that other miss – and that really comes under the “F” section. But I don’t get that from vibes as such – I’ve got some distinct Aspie tendencies, so my Mum made sure I could notice and use the social cues CONSCIOUSLY, not implicitly. If I’m distracted or tired, I’ll miss stuff (big stuff too – like “oh that’s an ANGRY face? oops”). So maybe that makes me more of a T, but I fit into the F because of how I use the T?
        Now I’m just confusing myself.

        1. Just took 2 different online tests – apparently I am tending towards the INTJ now (both were INTJ).
          Maybe I’m going that way as I get older? Now I look at it, the INFJ tests were the ones I did earlier in my degree, and the INTJs were the more recent results – I guess some aspects of personality do change, or maybe I’m just being more honest with myself now?
          INTJ it is then, I guess!

          1. Also, looking at the questions, the ones I took earlier were about what you consider in your decision making, not how you make your decisions – if that makes sense? Because I definitely consider people’s feelings in decisions, but I don’t make decisions based JUST on people’s feelings – I weigh it out between disgruntled people vs logical solution, and whichever will cause LESS trouble in the long run is what I go with. The way the questions in the earlier one were asked were like “Do you consider people’s feelings when making decisions?”, while the more recent ones I’ve done were more like “Are you more likely to put people’s feelings first in decision making?” (with a leichardt scale for the answers, not just a Y/N response).
            PERSONALITY TESTING IS SO FASCINATING!!!! How people think about things differently is so interesting…

      1. I find it rather amusing that it would seem that the original info I got (way back at the start of uni) seems to put me in the wrong category for all the wrong reasons… Because on all of that stuff, INFJ description fits well – but in everything else I’ve read on the internet since this convo, I’m DEFINITELY an INTJ.
        I have to wonder where my lecturer got her info when she gave it to us… Because it definitely doesn’t agree with the new stuff.

  2. That’s so interesting! I’m actually planning to take a personality psychology class in my spring quarter, and I can’t wait! I’ve noticed that INFJs are everywhere, even if they are the so-called “rarest type.” Maybe it’s just that the people who are INFJ are more likely to seek out MBTI and discover that they’re INFJ, you know? But it just diminishes the authenticity of being an INFJ a bit to me. It’s funny, I was actually planning write a blogpost about this same question about INFJs!

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