A Rutgers Package Delivery… Gone Seriously Wrong

Shortly after getting my iPhone 6, I placed an order through Amazon for a package of screen protectors. Since I don’t use phone cases, a screen protector is the least I can do to try to keep my phone in good shape.

I ordered the protectors long enough ago (with two-day shipping*) that I’d expect them to arrive at any point now. And next thing I knew, I got an e-mail from Rutgers saying that I had a package delivery waiting to be picked up at Locker Bank 3. 😀

Just to give you a quick background, this is how mail at Rutgers works:
-You have mail shipped to a student mailing address
-The university puts your package in an outdoor locker and sends an e-mail
-Students go to a locker within 3 days, swipe, and the locker opens
-You take your package and the door closes and locks.

It’s pretty simple. Except the lockers can be inconvenient to get to sometimes. Luckily for me, I have a class on a campus that students can only get to by taking a bus that stops at the complete OTHER side of this campus. So while I trek across my own campus to get to the bus stop, I pass by the lockers!

I was on my way to class when I remembered that I had gotten a notification about my package delivery being ready. That’s right! My screen protectors had arrived! I veered off the pathway and approached Locker Bank 3. I was in a rush to catch my bus (it doesn’t come often and I can’t be late to lab) but I wanted my screen protectors so I could put one on my phone during the long bus ride.

I swiped my ID and signed my name. The screen said my package was ready for pickup and a door popped open behind me. I saw the little latch open on this giant locker. My immediate reaction was, “Haha why did they waste such a huge locker on my little package of screen protectors…” How unnecessary.

Then, as I opened the door, I kind of wanted to cry. I reach in and pull out this GIANT BOX. UM, WHAT IS THIS? This huge box was most definitely not a small envelope of screen protectors. I didn’t even have time to stop and think about what it could have been. All I knew was that my bus was coming, I had to keep going, and this giant box was going with me.

hey guys, ready for class!? omg mE TOO!

I get to the bus stop and my bus pulls up. Perfect timing! But of course, all of the seats were taken so I had to stand the whole time. I had my box sit in the aisle as I tried to hold on for dear life. The bus driver showed no mercy.

Once I got off the bus, I ran to a bench and ripped open the box’s seal. I did not find any screen protectors inside. Nope. Just a large quantity of toiletries. Apparently, I subscribed on Amazon Prime to get product replacements every few months and this was my first restock shipment. Lucky me! So I carried my toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoos, conditioners, and soaps with me to Chem Lab.

All I needed now was a shower and luckily for me, the lab already had one of those!


  1. seyforrester

    This blog post was hilarious. I love the way you write out your story, it keeps me wanting to read more and I am sure I am not alone on this one. I think that the way you set up your story and explain what goes on at Rutgers makes it a relatable post no matter if the reader is a Rutgers student or not. I love the layout of your blog and your daily posts that show up as well. Continue sharing your stories, they’re enjoyable!

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