My Second Chem 2 Exam Is Tonight At 10 PM

I’ve done nothing but chemistry for the past 72 hours. I’m so scared for this exam. There’s so much math involved in these chapters with acid base equilibrium, titrations, and whatnot. I’m just praying that I do better than I’m expecting.


  1. K'lee L.

    Here’s an experiment:
    Keep the first ten words (this is including the ’72 hours’ as two words), add them to your final six words, exchanging ‘do’ for ‘did’ and ‘I expected’ for I’m expecting… Oh, and substitute three happy faces for, well you know… good luck!

      1. K'lee L.

        You got it! On a side note, did you know ‘chemically’ the brain responds in amazingly restorative ways when we introduce humor to stressful situations? Just sayin’

        1. Ahh really? It makes sense since I suddenly felt better after I laughed. There are actually groups of people around the world who participate in “laughing yoga” which probably works off of the same principles. If you’re ever having a bad day, look up YouTube videos of it. I promise it’ll make you smile!

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