Guess I’ll Be Taking Exams with Mononucleosis This Year

I had a vision for this semester. A vision that required setting goals for myself. Goals that stretched from my grades and sleep schedule to getting back into the habit of doing yoga and making time to develop a relationship. Week after week, I took great care to exercise balance in my routine. Study, have fun, eat, sleep, work, and relax. It was all about taking care of myself. I was setting out to avoid the toxic effects of stress. A personal project, you could say.

This routine held up pretty nicely until last week… when I suddenly lost all of my energy. For a couple of days I had a severe headache, an inability to concentrate, and¬†essentially, I felt fatigued throughout the entire¬†day. First I thought I had a cold, then maybe the flu as my symptoms got worse. Once¬†I got a sore throat and completely lost my voice, I thought¬†maybe¬†I had strep.

After a visit to the doctor, my rapid strep test came back negative. Great.¬†They decided to do a nasal flu test on me¬†– which was very… strange. The basically rub your brain with a Q-tip.

Rocky at Doctor
Rocky Getting Tested for Flu

15 minutes later, I was informed that it, too, was negative. When you go through these uncomfortable medical tests, I think part of you hopes one¬†will¬†come back positive just so you have an answer and can feel that¬†having your brain rubbed wasn’t done just¬†for the fun of it.

Next up was blood-work done at the lab to check if I have¬†infectious mononucleosis. I won’t get those results until next week but the doctor is pretty sure it will be positive. I’m pretty sure it will be, as well. The symptoms¬†are all too closely matched.

Mono – or whatever it is that I have – has really caused a rough patch at the end of what has otherwise been a phenomenal semester. With my performance so far, I think I have an A in every single one of my classes and I’d really hate to see that slip away because an infection got in the way of the grades I worked for. With my current state, I know studying will be a great challenge. I keep falling asleep and my visions blurs over if I look at anything for too long. I’m hoping I recover in time to still prepare at least a little bit. Even more importantly, I hope I’ll be well enough to take my exams – they start as soon as Tuesday!

My new medicine seems to be helping. Fingers crossed.


    1. Unfortunately it does sound like it, doesn’t it? I hope it clears up too. If I get positive results and still feel very ill, I’ll consider asking for make-up exams. Professors are usually reluctant to say yes to people but at least I have a legitimate excuse going for me.

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