An Unimaginable Amount of Stress & Pressure

Last Updated on September 29, 2023

For those of you who have been wondering about where I’ve been recently, let me tell you, the last three weeks have been unimaginably hectic with planning preparation for everything that was taking place. Between midterm exams, planning a large convention for my retirement as District Governor, planning a spring break vacation with my boyfriend, and planning a hypnosis performance for the following weekend, I’ve sure had my hands full recently.

Fortunately, my midterms went pretty well. My Cognition, Sensation & Perception, and Quantitative Methods exams all came back with much higher marks than I ever expected.

Two or three weekends ago, I had to stay up at night with a committee to judge awards that were submitted for my convention. We started at 11 PM (because I was in another meeting) and worked until 2 PM the next day with only a short quick break around 5 AM. That weekend was so busy it was maddening.

I haven’t had a chance to catch my breath. Following that weekend, I took my Quantitative Methods conceptual exam. (An exam that tests your conceptual understanding of statistics). I couldn’t tell you how I did it but I somehow managed to get the highest exam score in my section of the class.

The amount of phone calls and text messages leading up to the convention has been CRAZY.

What I woke up to on a daily basis

This week in particular was ESPECIALLY stressful as this was crunch time for EVERYTHING! My dorm was closing for Spring Break, so I had to pack THREE suitcases all before leaving for my convention. One for each of the upcoming trips I have planned for Spring Break.

Doing all that extra work before the convention was a difficult feat. I barely had enough time for the convention planning itself. But I managed. I didn’t really sleep much but all of my speeches were written, as well as other tasks I had to complete.

On Wednesday, as convention neared, I became extremely stressed and actually fell ill. I was sick all day and threw up four times. I needed to badly to finalize my script parts but I could barely even open my eyes. Fortunately, my boyfriend took care of me. He left me the sweetest note once I finally fell asleep.

With everyone’s support, I made it through the week but it was honestly one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.


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