My Spring 2016 Semester Course Load

Last Updated on September 29, 2023

This semester, I decided to focus on completing my major in psychology. Once I take the classes that I’m enrolled in, I’ll only have to take a psychology lab next year, and then my major will be complete. During my senior year, I’ll focus on finishing a minor. I’m thinking about minoring in biology or sociology (or both.)

Anyway, let’s jump right into this:


Neuropsychopharmacology is an upper-level course for psychology majors only. Seats are limited to keep the classroom size small. Having previously studied neuropsychology and physiological psychology, neuropsychopharmacology seemed like the logical next step.

Except there was one problem: I can’t take an upper-level course because I am undeclared. And I can’t declare my psychology major until I take a psychology lab (which I’m doing next year) since I can’t take that lab until I take Quantitative Methods (which I’m taking this semester.)

So basically, my advisor told me I had to get special permission from the professor if I wanted to be able to take his course. I left that appointment with plans of e-mailing the professor about my academic background. Hoping he would make an exception.

Later that night, a friend of mine sent me a random Facebook message saying, “Congratulations on getting into Neuropsychopharmology!!!!!!!

…. Huh? “I don’t understand,” I responded, “Is this your way of telling me you’re dropping the class so I can take your seat?”

My friend wrote back, “In class today, the professor projected a few students’ names onto the board. He said, ‘I am only offering seats in my class to these 10 students. I’m sorry but if your name is not on this list, you can’t take my class.’ and your name was one of the 10!”

“But… how!???” I exclaimed. I hadn’t e-mailed him yet! Heck, I didn’t even know if I could take that class until a few hours ago. Regardless, hearing what sounded like excellent news, I took out my phone and quickly sent an e-mail to the professor asking if I could enroll in his course. Sure enough, he quickly wrote back, “Yes, see me on Monday.”

What luck!

Quantitative Methods of Research in Psychology

I have to take a statistics course this semester. I thought I was done with math after passing calculus but apparently, I was wrong. Fortunately, the introductory material feels familiar since I have already studied Statistics for Business.


In Cognition, we will study the most relevant mental processes of the brain. Gaining a better understanding of how learning, attention, knowledge, and reasoning work. Many of the topics in this course seem to overlap with subjects I have previously studied. I’m hoping this class will help tie all of these processes together to provide me with a better understanding of the big picture.

Sensation & Perception

In this course, we will be learning about the 5 senses. I’m mostly interested in seeing if I can gain a better understanding of how illusions and hallucinations work. Obviously, hypnosis alters the senses… or at least your perception of those senses, so I hoping there’s something I can take away from the class.


  1. Wow, that all sounds complicated but very doable, you are a determined guy and obviously have both brains and beauty so good luck for everything that’s to come in the next months. Keep writing as a distraction and relaxation if you can but we can forgive you anything in the snort term for the greater goal to come.

    1. Thanks, David! I’ve been caught up in so many different things lately but things seem to naturally sort themselves out. Glad I finally had the chance to post something. I appreciate everyone being so understanding about my recent schedule! 🙂

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