Rutgers Target Night: Free Swag Bag and Skin Rash

Last Updated on September 6, 2023

After encouraging my freshmen to attend Target Night yesterday, I ended up convincing myself to go once again. I have attended Rutgers Target Night for the past two years and each time, even if I do not buy anything, I leave with a swag bag filled with free stuff which for me, is reason enough to go.

The lines for in-store activities and to check out seemed worse this year. I only managed to wait in line for two activities before putting down the items I planned on buying and leaving Target. I played one game sponsored by Spaghettios where you had to reach into a bowl of gel balls with your eyes closed and try to pull out a bouncy ball. I tried, failed, and simultaneously got a skin rash from it.

I’m not sure what was in that bowl but the skin on my right hand felt itchy afterwards and it even started to peel today. o.o It’s better now, thank goodness. I just wish I actually won something to justify having to deal with that.

I still remember two years ago at my first Target Night when I waited the RIDICULOUSLY long check out line only to buy a small bottle of Hand Sanitizer. I put the bottle down, watched it slide along the conveyor belt, and then the cashier looked up at me and asked, “Are you serious?”

If I could travel back in time, maybe I could have justified my simple purchase by explaining to her that that bottle of hand sanitizer COULD BE USED 2 YEARS LATER TO AVOID A TARGET NIGHT SKIN RASH AFTER SWIRLING MY HAND THROUGH A BOWL OF GOOEY SPAGHETTIO BOUNCY BALLS THAT EVERYONE ELSE HAS BEEN PUTTING THEIR HANDS IN TOO.

It’s actually pretty gross. I wish I got something out of it like a gift card or a t-shirt.

But no, I only got a rash.


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