Living the Single Life at Rutgers

Last Updated on September 29, 2023

One of the many perks of working as a Resident Assistant at most universities is having a room of your very own. I’ve shared a room for the past two years so having a college space to myself is somewhat of a foreign idea.

Since I’m now living in a single, my room has a whole lot of extra space in areas of the room where my roommate’s furniture would have been had I still been living with someone else.

My parents were actually really awesome and showed up at Rutgers the other night to see my new dorm. While they were visiting, they said they wanted to buy me small futon as a congratulatory gift for securing the RA position and making the necessary sacrifices that come with it.

I had previously expressed to them over the phone that I wanted to get chairs or possibly a small couch to fill up some of the empty space but I never expected them to show up and take me out to buy something. Best surprise ever!

We took a quick trip to Target to see what some of their options were. As we walked through the dorm room area, a simple futon caught my eye. It was simple, nicely designed, and significantly less expensive than most of the other ones we saw. When we brought it up to the register, they scanned it and it rung up almost 2.5x the price we thought it was. When they walked to the back of the store, they realized they put the futons in the wrong spot but honored the listed price due to the inconvenience.

Things worked out pretty nicely for us!

Even though I am back in a traditional residence hall after living in a new suite last year, I think I actually like my room this year better. The biggest downside is not having air conditioning but my fan makes up for it. Plus, it’ll be cool again soon with fall right around the corner.

I’m super happy with my new dorm room.
I can’t wait to meet my residents.


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