Rutgers Buses Are Dinosaurs

Last Updated on September 6, 2023

If you’ve ever been to Rutgers University before, you know how HUGE of a school it is. There’s no way you could ever navigate it without riding the Rutgers buses at least once in a while.

There are tons of them: the A, B, C, EE, F, H, LX, REX B, REX L, etc. Each type of bus is on its own cycle of stops and they get repeated over and over for hours each day of the week.

As a freshman, I realized that the buses are dinosaurs.

Does that sound weird?
I can explain.

Just like how there are many different kinds of dinosaurs, there are many different kinds of buses. Some dinosaurs are quick and some are slow. Some buses have long routes, others only have 3 stops.


The LX is like a velociraptor. It’s super fast and you often see a few of them at once. It seems like they enjoy traveling in packs because I typically spot 2 or 3 of them outside the Livingston Student Center. They are probably the most common bus and they still manage to cause fights because too many people need to get on them during peak hours and well, I hear velociraptors are aggressive too.

I am the REXL, fear me.

Likewise, the REXL is actually a T-REX. Come on, the names are so similar. Definitely intentional. The Tyrannosaurus Rex is probably the most feared dinosaur and if you asked a random Rutgers student what they think of the REXL, they’d most likely say they fear the REXL the most too. A ride on the REXL means you’re about to endure a long ride to/from the “dreaded” Cook/Douglass campus. (Both of which I love… but that’s clearly an unpopular opinion here at Rutgers.)

I am the B bus.

For whatever reason, the B bus is super long compared to the other buses. It is basically an Apatosaurus. It has a long body and everything. Plus, the B bus goes to the “Busch” campus (pronounced “Bush”) and I think these big guys are herbivores, are they not? It all makes sense.

Wow, even the C bus for commuting students is a dinosaur! It circles around Busch all day long. Just like a pterodactyl would.
(Ok- not quite a “dinosaur” but close enough!* 😉 )

Just look at them… fighting for that velociraptor.
Get on quickly… each dinosaur is on a strict schedule.
It’s an Apatosaurus in disguise.


  1. I absolutely adore this post. Now that I think about it, the Rutgers buses really are like dinosaurs. The only thing I was 🙁 about in this was the C bus thing. Pterodactyls were flying reptiles, not dinosaurs, but I unfortunately am a huge nerd and took the Dinosaurs class (offered at Rutgers…check it out, it’s beautiful) so that’s the only reason I know this. Spot on though. You’re beautiful, and I love the way your mind works!

    1. Hahaha oh no!! I honestly had no idea that pterodactyls were flying reptiles and not dinosaurs!! Thanks for pointing that out- I’ll have to fix that right away!!

      And thank you for the kind words!!! ^.^ LOL I SAW THAT DINOSAUR CLASS IN THE LISTINGS! A few of my friends took it. Who knows, maybe I will too! 😉

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