I’m Going to See My Boyfriend in Spain This Winter Break!

Last Updated on May 29, 2021

The stars must have aligned just right this weekend because the impossible has been made possible thanks to the help of my loving parents and incredible residence hall staff. I am OFFICIALLY visiting my boyfriend IN Spain come December! And I’m FREAKING out.

Working as a Resident Assistant in a hall that stays open all year long has posed several new obstacles that I have never encountered before. When I accepted this year’s job offer to work in a hall that never closes during breaks, I knew it would involve having to make sacrifices. What I never could have predicted, however, was my staff’s unbelievable commitment to backing each other up and being as flexible as possible with scheduling our responsibilities.

Essentially, my staff has allowed me to “block” my duty days together, rather than scheduling them sporadically, in order to make going away a real possibility! The staff meeting when this was discussed took place the night of my birthday so the news that I could plan the trip I dreamt of was the best birthday gift they ever could have given me.

I anxiously brought up the idea to my parents this weekend, worried they’d be quick to dismiss the possibility of me going to Spain. Traveling abroad is, of course, a major expense. Not to mention, I would be traveling to Spain: a country where the native language is one I have no proficiency in at all. I worried the timing would be an issue since my plans coincide with the holiday season. Much to my relief, my proposal was met with little to no resistance from my parents. In fact, they didn’t seem surprised at all.

After everything they said to me, I straight up broke down crying. The support I felt at that moment was unimaginable. They really have come so far in understanding, adjusting, and embracing who I am and who I love. Showing support and understanding why an endeavor like this would be important to me is huge in my eyes. I could not believe it was happening. Booking this trip created hope. This “decision” transmuted itself into a concrete plan that would actually allow me to see Jorge again. These were definitive dates, definitive plans, establishing themselves right before me in real life. Unbelievable. On top of granting me permission to go to Spain, my parents told me they would even pay for the trip as my Christmas gift this year since they never know what to buy me anyway.

I am in a state of shock that this all unfolded so fast. I… am going… to SPAIN! I have the plane tickets, me and Jorge discussed everything over the phone, THIS IS HAPPENING!!!



  1. Jennifer Luo

    So excited for you! It’s a funny coincidence because I’ll be going ok an educational tour to Greece and Italy during Spring Break and I was so surprised at how generally supportive my parents were about it, too. I hope you have a great time in Spain and have a wonderful time with Jorge 🙂

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