Down to the Last Final!

My sophomore year of college was undoubtedly the most difficult year yet. Taking college-level general biology and chemistry all year with an additional 28-credits worth of classes was nothing short of a challenge.

If you’re reading this post soon after it was published, it means I’m currently taking my neuropsychology exam which is my seventh and FINAL final of my sophomore year. (I technically have to go to an abnormal psychology exam immediately afterward but I’m proctoring that one so I don’t think that counts.)

Anyway, hooray! I *think* I made it! At least, I hope!

hanging in there

The next three days, I have Resident Assistant training so my true summer vacation doesn’t really start until Saturday afternoon BUT I’M SO CLOSE.

I’ve made a list of things I want to do over the summer and I can’t wait to finally start crossing some of them off! This summer is going to be great.


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