5 Steps to Bring Joy To Your Local Bird Population

Last Updated on May 29, 2021

In colder seasons like autumn and winter, birds have a much harder time finding food. This is an indication that the birds in your neighborhood are feeling hungry and sad. Maybe you know they are in need of food but are unsure of how to deliver. This is very common. This is okay. To make this process as simple as possible, I have outlined three essential steps to help you provide and simultaneously develop strong bonds with your local bird populations.

My 3 Step Guide to Bring Happiness to The Birds

Step 1. Buy a Bird Feeder.

Although I paid full price when I bought mine in August, I was happy to find the same bird feeder on sale at Target last week. If you shop now, you may still be able to get one there at a reasonable price. You might even get a better one online! (Shop now on Amazon!) You’ll want a good side bird feeder so that you can store a lot of seed inside. Oh, and nice colors are great. The brighter the color, the happier the bird. This is a fact, in my opinion.

Step 2. Fill it With Bird Seed

You’ll want to stock up on birdseed. Although it may take a few weeks for the birds to initially find the bird feeder, once they do… you’ll be amazed by how quickly they can eat through an entire feeder’s worth of seed. Right now, I’m on a daily refill schedule. Yes, daily. And sometimes, twice a day. You’ll want to have at least two bags on hand so you don’t keep the hungry birds waiting. (You can also buy birdseed online!)

Step 3. Hang Out From Your Window

I was blessed with the only dorm room that does not have a screen on my window. This situation has enabled me to hang the bird feeder directly out of my window.

I tried to hang my bird feeder in a tree nearby but it turned out to be too complicated. Especially given my daily refill schedule, reaching for the tree was too much of a hassle. Plus, it would have disrupted birds resting in the tree and I didn’t want that. My solution? Hang it on a long string from my window! I tied one end to the feeder and the other to something heavy in my room. This ensures stability and security. The bird feeder won’t go anywhere (except when the string snaps from wear & tear… which has happened at least 3 times to me… πŸ™ )

Step 4. Wait

A lot of time will go by at first. You may not get any bird visits for a few days or even weeks! If you’re lucky, a bird might quickly spot and recognize the bird feeder and notify their fellow flock members. This would be ideal. The process is very experimental and results will depend on the location of where you hang your bird feeder and how well-traveled the spot is by your local bird populations.

Step 5. Watch as You Bring Joy to the Birds.

When the birds realize they have a free supply of birdseed easily accessible to them – and only them (watch out for squirrel spots!), they will undoubtedly love you. I am woken up each morning bright and early by the sound of my wonderful feathered friends chirping and freaking out over who gets to eat the seed first. I was so excited when I first saw birds eating from the bird feeder. It took several weeks actually. When it finally happened, there was even one bird clenching onto the bricks waiting for his turn to eat. (See the photo up above – look closely, he’s there!)

Cold weather is right around the corner and your local birds will be looking for food. Let them know they can depend on you! Be their savior. Bring them joy. Bring them food.


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