Charging my Phone with the Christmas Spirit


I’m obsessed with one of my most recent impulse buys: a Christmas Light iPhone Charger!¬†What better way to spend the time leading up to¬†Christmas than by charging my phone with a cable that uses same lights I also string across my Christmas¬†tree? That’s logical, right?

Now my phone will charge in the spirit of Christmas.

Also, you may have noticed my Manatea tea steeper in the background! Isn’t he adorable???


I decided to keep his name as Manatea.

petting manatea good manatea


I actually went on a tangent of random online impulse-buys around the time of Black Friday and¬†Cyber Monday. I’ll have to share some of the other things I¬†purchased once I muster up enough energy. In the meantime, sweet manatea will make me a cup of warm honey lemon tea for my throat.

Spending this Thanksgiving in ‘Turkey Pose’

Turkey Pose

Okay, it’s not actually called Turkey Pose – it’s Crane or Crow Pose. But on Thanksgiving, I suppose Turkey Pose sounds¬†more fitting. After weeks on top of weeks of practicing my plank, I have finally managed to move on to¬†BakńĀsana (ŗ§¨ŗ§ēŗ§ĺŗ§łŗ§®), a yoga pose I have wanted so badly¬†to make¬†available to myself ever¬†since I was a senior in high school. I could never do it – until now!¬†This Thanksgiving, I am truly thankful for my yoga practice and the personal goals¬†it has helped¬†me accomplish since I started practicing once again.