Happy New Year! We Called The Cops.

Last Updated on March 25, 2021

Happy New Year, everyone! Wishing you a happy and healthy new year as we begin another twelve months of adventure, memories, and inevitable mishaps. My celebratory transition into 2018 was filled with laughter, love, and of course, some chaos thrown into the mix. On New Year’s Eve, I was spending time with my cousins. Two of them are both pretty young – right around the 10-year-old mark. I have an incredibly close relationship with them. One of them received an Apple Watch for Christmas. He was showing it to me in his TV room. I was holding my iPhone demonstrating to him how I use it together with my Apple Watch. Just some lovely cousin to cousin bonding.

My phone’s temporary wallpaper was a photo of me with a woman. Being the nosy, silly kid he is, he starts asking me, “Is that your girlfriend?” Caught off guard by the very thought of the question, I began to explain my professional work relationship with her. He asked if he could see my phone and before I could answer, he attempted to grab my phone to run away with it. If he got ahold of it, WHO KNOWS who he’d text or prank call given free rein of my contacts.

For a few moments, we “wrestled” around as I tried to retrieve my phone back. I could feel the power and volume buttons being squeezed and I honestly thought we were going to accidentally shatter my screen at any moment. When he tried to make a break for it, I reached out and grabbed onto his arm. With the phone just beyond my grasp, he led the two of us on a wild goose chase all around his house.

As we’re running, I thought I may have heard a virtual voice talking but I wasn’t certain. Oh no! Did he already manage to accidentally dial someone!? I couldn’t get my phone back to see who it was and to apologize to them. We raced through the TV room, dining room, past people, through the kitchen, the hallway, all the way into his game room.

When he finally stopped, I urgently asked, “Bud, who did you call??!” and he’s like, “Who did I call?” and holds up my phone. There was a blank screen. No call in progress. I quickly said back, “So whose voice is that? I definitely hear someone!” The conversation is interrupted by the same female voice now more clearly saying “911, what is your emergency? Can you hear me? I repeat, CAN YOU HEAR ME? Sir, is everything ok??” We both instantly look down at his arm. He lifts his arm up, rotates the Watch and in big red letters it says DIALING… SOS 911.

My cousin instantly becomes so alarmed and screams, “OH MY GODDD!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!” We must have launched an Apple Watch call while wrestling for my phone.

The dispatcher more concerned now asks, “SIR, IS EVERYTHING OK? Where are you?

My cousin now panicking screams, “I CALLED 911!!!! OH MY GOD!!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE I CALLED 911!!! OH NO! OH NO! AHHHH!!”

I try shouting over him, “Sorry Ma’am, he is ok, this call was accidental! Our most sincere apologies….”

My cousin is now hysterically crying and shouts “IT WAS A MISTAKE, I’M SORRY!!!!!” and hangs up with no other explanation.

A few family members had come to surround us during the whole incident. My cousin stopped crying after we reassured him everything would be okay. We explained that once the officers showed up to check on the scene we’d simply explain to them that it was all one big accident. Either that, or if they called the house to check what was happening, we’d confirm the SOS call was accidental. Problem solved.

Except, no one called back or came to check. So then there’s that. Love when safety is taken at face value.

Happy New Year!

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