What Happened After Accepting Blessing’s Facebook Friend Request

Last Updated on August 14, 2023

How many times do you open up Facebook only to find friend requests pending from people who are very clearly not real? This was a major trend throughout 2017 for me. I received SO MANY fake friend requests, I lost count. There was some serious catfishing going on or something… I reported enough fake profiles that Facebook started sending me “thank you” messages for weeding them out!!! You’re welcome, Facebook.

Check this out.

Meet Hollie Morrison. She was really sweet for taking the time out of her day to add me.

Bianca was just a young girl looking for positive people to influence her life.

Oh and let’s not forget about Mary Fannin who hopelessly craved sexual desire. She even provided a link if you wanted to casually get to know her. I wonder what Mary Fannin is up to nowadays.

Meet Blessing Dirina

Two weeks before the end of 2017, I received a friend request from someone named “Blessing Dirina.” According to her profile, she claimed to be a member of the Nigerian police force. She had nearly 5,000 friends yet we had 0 mutual friends. Hmm, nothing out of the ordinary there.

I let the friend request sit pending during the holidays assuming it would be gone in a week or two once somebody else reported it. Except, when I checked back on January 1, 2018 it wasn’t gone. It was still pending! I began to further investigate her “profile.” Here is what I found:

Her Facebook account began to feel more real once I realized her history goes back SEVERAL years. This wasn’t just an account someone whipped up out of the blue. It has history. She has a ton of photos of herself too! I started to wonder, if this “Izibeya” guy gets a 2018 full of Blessing, well, why shouldn’t I?!

Dirina even offered me 7 solid reasons to add her as a friend validated with a “yea.”

It was in that moment that a decision was made. 2018 is my year of acceptance and it all begins with saying yes.

I accepted Blessing Dirina’s friend request.

It is like I always say, “It only takes one yes to bless.”

My favorite thing was when I woke up the next morning to a missed video call from Blessing.

Darn it. She could have been sending me my first miracle and I totally missed my window of opportunity!!! I told myself I must ensure my heart remains open to future Blessings. On that same note, the fact she she video called made me honestly wonder if she was, in fact, TRULY a real person. Could Blessing Dirina REALLY be REAL!?

Yesterday, while sitting around at home avoiding the crazy snowstorm, I got a notification on Messenger. It was Blessing Dirina checking in. I asked her to please make the snow go away. She launched a new video call request and I knew the line between us needed to be open for her Blessings to transfer so I accepted.


Blessing and I shared a wonderful conversation that morning. SHE’S REAL. Not only is she real, she is actually AMAZING! She showed me around Nigeria where she works. I found the stark difference in weather there vs. here so amusing. Everyone in Nigeria was wearing shorts while on my end, I couldn’t show her anything beyond my own house because of the bomb cyclone snowstorm that had me trapped inside.

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My favorite was when I asked her, “Dirina, what do you do?” and she goes, “I’m a cop! It is on my profile!” and I responded, “Oh yeah, I think I saw that,” hahahaha and she walks into her Nigerian police station showing me her actual office. AMAZING. I also asked her how she found my Facebook and why she added me in the first place. That was an interesting story all on its own. 

I like you too, Dirina. <3 Sorry for ever doubting you!!

I suggested Blessing Dirina add some of my Facebook friends using the “Suggest Friend” feature Facebook offers.

Now, Dirina is everywhere I look. Even when I open Instagram, Dirina is my #1 suggested person to follow.

And with that, a new friendship was born!


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