Our iPad Got So Cold Its Apps Started Shivering!

Last Updated on May 30, 2021

In an effort to introduce my dad to some form of technology, our family bought him an iPad Mini for Christmas this year. It was time, for sure. He has never touched a computer a single day in his life and up until a few months ago, he’s never showed any interest.

My dad has been loving the iPad so far. Simple things that are easily fixed still confuse him but that’s to be expected with any adult who is technologically illiterate.

Anyway, my dad drove to the cemetery to visit his dad’s grave since the headstone was just put in. This was my dad’s one chance to see it before it gets covered in snow from the upcoming storm. When my dad pulled out the iPad Mini to take a picture of the headstone, he noticed something unusual with the iPad. The apps were all shaking!

He figured the frigid winter air must be to blame. The cold breeze was too much for the iPad to handle. Why else would his apps be shivering like that?

He walked back to his truck, wrapped the iPad in a nice soft blanket, and tucked it into his jacket to keep it warm. A little while later, he took the iPad back out and unlocked the screen. Just like that, the screen unlocked, his apps were back to their normal still selves, and he was able to take his photo.

When he told us about what happened over dinner, he had my family rolling! We had to explain to him how all he did was accidentally long-press on an app making them all shake because they were ready to be rearranged or deleted… not because the apps were too cold to open…

I thought that was cute though. Hahaha. πŸ™‚


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