Coming Out To My Sister (Weekly Writing Challenge: Cliffhanger!)

Coming out to your family is probably one of the most dreaded things every LGBT person contemplates at some point. For some, it’s not that bad. Perhaps they have an accepting family who has all previously voiced their support for the gay community. That makes it a little easier. Others are well aware of the possibility that they may be disowned for being gay. Regardless of the stance, pretty much every LGBT person is at least somewhat nervous to come out to them.

Even though many people can tell I’m gay, I can’t say the same about my family. I’ve made posts in the past like How Do My Parents Not Know I’m Gay and How My Family Discovered Grindr on Christmas Day that both do a pretty good job of showing how seemingly unaware my parents are.

The fact of the matter is, I’m not sure how they’re going to react when I come out.

Me and My Dorky Sister 😉

My sister is almost 14 years old and she’s finally starting to show an interest in my love life. On New Years’, we were sitting down together and she was starting to grill me about who I like. She has every right to want to know- she’s probably starting to wonder why I haven’t talked about liking any girls in my 18 years of existence. She insisted I must like someone and really wanted to know “her” name… Question after question, I kept saying, “No one. There’s no one!” At first, I was calm but she got me worked up quickly. The more she pressed, the more guilty I felt! I wanted to be honest but it seemed unfair to come out to her an hour before the start of 2014. There was no way for me to know how she would react. What if my news actually ruined her night? I couldn’t risk that. She deserved to start 2014 on a positive note!

I really want to come out to her. She’s old enough to understand (I think). I’d probably ask her to hold off on telling Mom and Dad but then part of me almost wonders if she’d blackmail me with the information. Terrible, right? She’s a great kid but in the heat of the moment, if she was really mad at me, who knows what she might say!

Well last night, I did a lot of thinking and really weighed all the pros and cons of coming out to her. I’ve made my decision and now I know what I’m going to do.

To Be Continued.



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