I Think My Coat Needs a Slightly Bigger Hood

Last Updated on May 30, 2021

In response to the frigid weather we’ve had lately, I decided to search my closet for old jackets I could start wearing again. I spotted my old winter coat and had to try it on.

Just one more layer of fur and maybe I’d give it 5 stars…??

This is the parka I wore every day of junior year when I walked home from school- just two years ago! It’s from Aeropostale and it’s a size SMALL! HOW IS THIS A SMALL….?

Look at how the hood consumes me.

The hood on this thing is ridiculous! It’s warm and cozy BUT IT FEELS LIKE THE HOOD IS GOING TO SWALLOW MY SOUL WHEN I BUTTON IT.

I don’t know why the hood fits me so awkwardly… 🙁 I’m wearing the coat properly yet the hood sticks so far forward on my head! (Did I really wear this in public?) Why oh why. Hahaha

I remember my friends used to laugh and joke around saying that whenever I flipped the hood on, it looked like a giant cat was landing on me. (That’s how you know when your hood has too much fur…)

A few days ago, I watched the movie ATM. When I put on this hood, I kind of feel like I look like the serial killer who trapped the people inside of the bank’s ATM. Now I’ll never be able to look at this coat the same way ever again. 🙁

The Killer from the film ATM (2012)


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    1. Hi JC! Thank you for the feedback. I see your blog is fairly new to WordPress which might mean you are too. I’d be happy to suggest your website to a few of my male friends. If you enjoy the way I write and would like to hear more from me in the future, I’d also suggest following via the button on the upper lefthand corner of the toolbar. You could always opt out but it’s a great way to add sites that interest you to your Reader. Thanks for stopping in! 🙂

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