My Quarter-Life Crisis Is Happening

I’m officially experiencing my quarter-life crisis. It’s happening. Right now. In ten¬†days, my boyfriend¬†leaves the United States¬†to return back to his home in¬†Spain- a flight that departs¬†merely¬†days¬†before our¬†one year dating-anniversary. Talk about emotionally devastating timing. Most couples get to celebrate …

New York City Pride Parade 2016

A Video of My Trip to Aruba

I created a video of the vacation I went on with my boyfriend to Aruba during our Spring Break. After being retired as the governor of a community service organization, I was in desperate need of some rest and relaxation. This getaway to Aruba was exactly what I needed. Here is a glimpse of some of the neat things the two of us did during our time there.

Aruba – Spring Break 2016

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