Sweetie, I Think It’s About Time We Have a Talk About The Pill

Last Updated on July 31, 2023

Christmas is right around the corner so my mom has been busy with her last-minute Christmas shopping. My 13-year-old sister made a long list this year and one of her top items is the Beats Pill by Dr. Dre.

Walking through the aisles at Target, my sister came across the electronics section and spotted the Beats Pill speakers. She begged my mom to buy it but my mom was hesitant. Mom asked my sister, “Why do you need that right now? You’re asking for an iPhone for Christmas and you don’t even know if you’re going to get it yet! What if you don’t? Then what good will this be?”

My sister, being irrational and spoiled, says, “But they are so hard to find! These are the BEST speakers!”

My mom continued to push the carriage and walked to the shoe section. My sister followed.

In my mom’s head, she was considering the pros and cons of buying it. The Beats Pill is cool but by the time my sister actually gets a smartphone, and even better speaker will probably be on the market!

With her decision made, she turns to my sister in the middle of the shoe department and goes, “You know what? I think it’s about time we have a talk about the pill.”

All of the moms trying on shoes with their children stopped what they were doing, turned, and stared at my mom in shock.

Realizing how wrong that sounded, she got nervous and started stuttering. “The BEATS Pill. The BEATS Pill. Speakers. Music. BEATS! OK, come on sweetie, WALK go go go!”

They rushed off in total embarrassment. Hahahaha 😉


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