The Story of How I Started A Business in Stage Hypnosis

Last Updated on May 30, 2021

Much of what happens at Leadership Academy is kept a secret. This is a result of the profound things that take place there. Prior to flying to Indiana for this special program, I knew almost nothing about what I was getting myself into. All I knew was that I was told on numerous occasions that Leadership Academy would “change my life forever.”

I was skeptical, to say the least. I tried to go into the one-week program with an open mind and open arms to whatever they had in store for me. I was not sure if I was convinced I would leave as a changed person but I was definitely going to remain open to it. Whatever was meant to be was meant to be.

I will admit that every single day of Leadership Academy was incredible and meaningful in its own way. The people I met there were reason enough to make the whole trip worth it.

In a casual discussion with a few friends, we were discussing our talents in an attempt to learn more about one another. Unsure of what to tell them, I mentioned that I hypnotize people. A few of them wanted to witness it first hand so we decided to try a little hypnosis session right then and there. As our impromptu hypnosis session was taking place, another one of my friends saw what was happening and told everyone else at the camp what was happening.

Throughout the day, I kept getting asked by people if what they heard was true. It felt like “can you really hypnotize people?” was the question of the day. After sparking so much curiosity across my Leadership Academy class, I was encouraged to hold a little hypnosis show at night during our downtime. I wasn’t sure how I’d perform considering most of my past experience has been limited to one-on-one hypnosis. I only had a small amount of experience with group hypnosis and this would be my first time having such a large audience of over 60+ people watching.

My little hypnosis gig was well received by the LA Class of 2015 and I even had the opportunity to hold a second and third show with everyone there watching. Hypnosis is something I’ve been extremely fascinated by for a long time and I have invested a lot of time and energy into mastering it. This experience has made me want to improve my skits and create a more structured show for future gigs. Even if I only did this as something on the side, I’d love to use my knack for hypnosis as a way to make some money while being a college student and whatnot.

I quickly got to work and made myself a website which you can check out here.

My next show is scheduled for next week and I am in the process of possibly lining up five out-of-state shows next year! This whole thing cracks me up because I never in a million years would have EVER guessed that I would attend a leadership conference and leave with a whole new business plan all set up. How exciting! I’m totally having fun with this new journey and I can’t wait to see where it takes me next.

I totally owe it to everyone there for encouraging me to open up and allowing me to share one of my talents that very few people were previously aware of.


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