The Story of The Time I Hypnotized My Little Sister

Last Updated on May 30, 2021

While doing research on psychiatry, I once came across an article on a psychology website discussing the subject of hypnosis and its use in the form of hypnotherapy. Having always been somewhat skeptical of hypnotism, I was curious and read on. I began doing extensive research on hypnotherapy and stage hypnosis. Books became my best friend. I wanted to make every effort I could to learn more about the subject.

I memorized long inductions. I studied quick inductions. I familiarized myself with every technique I could possibly remember. Unsure of what would and wouldn’t work, I needed to be absolutely certain I would have a large number of techniques available for when I finally got around to practicing.


Finally feeling confident in my hypnotic abilities, I approached my sister. “Would you like for me to hypnotize you? I can put you into a trance.” I offered.

Much to my surprise, she was excited and quite eager to see what I had in store. I started with a slow induction and almost put her to sleep. She was relaxing well and her cooperation only made the whole experience easier on me. Her cooperation helped build my confidence.

I needed for her to fully relax. I began doing my thing, reciting what I needed to say, walking her through various imaginative mental exercises.

When I finally said, “Now sleep!” and my sister completely collapsed, I had a mini panic attack. My heart raced. It almost felt like I killed her. Everything was going perfectly – there was no need for me to be nervous. In fact, I was doing really well! But that alone didn’t make my first experience any less nerve-wracking.


I knew she wasn’t pretending because I recognized the collapse as a textbook phase of entering hypnosis. There was nothing fake about it.

I propped her up and asked her to open her eyes. It was just like what you would expect from a subject. My little sister was completely open to my suggestions. When I told her that I took her finger, she cried because she really thought her finger was missing. Then when I put it back and said she was a bird, she flapped her wings!

It was incredible. I tried not to laugh (or panic) in fear of making her snap out of it. Thank goodness for my ability to remain calm. What it took me not to laugh or grin when I looked her in the eyes and said, “It’s ok, you’ve got all of your fingers back… Please don’t cry.. You’ll be ok…” You have to be careful not to break a subject’s trust. It’s critical to self-monitor at all times.

Since then, I have hypnotized other people and once again, I’ve found myself absolutely fascinated by how their minds work. As a side note, I want to point out that hypnosis is not mind-control or magic. Hypnotized subjects are simply more focused and open to suggestion. They can still stop themselves from doing things and snap out of the trance if they’re told to say or do anything they wouldn’t be comfortable with. Hypnosis can be very relaxing when used for therapeutic and entertainment purposes with respect to the individual. When a person is hypnotized, they exhibit brain waves that mimic those experienced during intense concentration. They wake up feeling fully rested and relaxed. They’re truly in the zone.

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