Thoughts on Logo’s New TV Show: Finding Prince Charming

Last Updated on September 7, 2023

When I first heard rumors about Logo’s new TV show, Finding Prince Charming, back in August, I was intrigued by the mention of what would soon become the first modern gay version of The Bachelor to air on television. The new reality TV dating show premiered on Logo on September 8th of this year. The show’s host is famous pop singer Lance Bass. The suitor for the first season is Robert Sepulveda Jr., an interior designer based in Atlanta.

Finding Prince Charming is modeled after The Bachelor but features a group of gay men instead. For those of you familiar with The Bachelor, rather than having a rose ceremony at the end of each episode, the men have a black-tie ceremony. The significance of this new series is that it is essentially the first dating series to feature non-heterosexual men since 2003. The show only began filming in July of this year.

The cast consists of 13 men ranging in age from 26 to 35. All of the men live together in one house with the exception of Robert who makes appearances at designated times. Each week, Robert goes on solo or group dates with different contestants. At the end of each episode, he must then eliminate one man by taking back his black tie while allowing the rest of the contestants to continue wearing theirs.

By the end of the process, Robert will choose one man to try developing a relationship with outside of the TV series. Really, the format of the show is exactly what you would expect given you have any degree of familiarity with The Bachelor. Interested in the idea and curious to see how well-executed and realistic the show would be, I decided to tune in.

The 13 men who start off the season bring forth every type of personality type you could possibly imagine. You have quiet Charlie, extravagant Robby, unpredictable Chad, and levelheaded Brandon, just to list a few. The men all have different professions and come from all over the United States. Overall, I thought the show started off with a reasonably well-rounded group of men.

My one (small) complaint with this season is that I have found the eliminations to be pretty predictable thus far. Whether or not this is the show’s fault or just lucky guessing on my part is something I have not yet determined. As an observer of only what is shown on screen, I do feel as though we see enough of what happens with Robert and the contestants to guess who he will eliminate with a high degree of accuracy. I suppose that is not all that big of a deal but sometimes it is nice to be surprised and caught off guard.

Another interesting aspect of the show, that you would not typically encounter in The Bachelor, is the fact that a group of gay men is living together all with a special interest in the same man. Except, it wouldn’t at all be unusual if they developed feelings for someone else in the house, right? Surprisingly, this has not happened. I am not sure if it is something formally written in their contracts or if they all just really like Robert that much but for some reason, I really expected at least one of the men to develop feelings for someone else besides Robert. And it hasn’t happened!


I don’t want to reveal too much for any readers who may still plan on watching the series. If you are interested in it, you should definitely catch up. There have not been that many episodes in total and you can view them all online through Logo’s website!

Ever since the beginning, I have been betting that Robert will choose Justin Roisom in the end to be his Prince Charming. As of now, Justin is still in the game and I still stand behind my original prediction. I think Brandon Kneefel will be close behind as runner-up. I say Dillon Powell will be the next guy to be eliminated and Eric will most likely come in third. Who knows, anything can still happen with the next few dates and encounters. I’m feeling surprisingly confident in my predictions though.

The next episode airs on Logo tomorrow – we’ll see what happens! 🙂

Update April 2018: I’m so sad. It looks like they decided not to make a second season of this show. 🙁


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