I Register For My Final Semester of College In Less Than 10 Minutes

This is so surreal. As I write this post, I’m watching the time pass by awaiting the moment when the clock nears 10. At that time, the Rutgers WebReg course registration system will open up and allow all students with over 100 credits to register for their Spring classes.

I already created my final college schedule and I can’t get over the fact that I only need 3 more classes to graduate. Two for my entrepreneurship minor and one additional class to fulfill a general graduation core requirement. Since I’m living on campus and working as a Resident Assistant, I have to sign up for at least 12 credits to remain a “full-time student” so I’ve been playing around with different possibilities of what my fourth class can be.

Right now, I think I have the perfect schedule all set up. Registration just started yesterday night so I really shouldn’t have any problems getting the classes I want tonight. Either way, I’m keeping my fingers crossed because, well, you never know.


The time is 10:31 PM. WebReg is not working for anyone. Confirmed in the Class of 2017 Facebook Group. Hmm, I guess I’m not registering tonight after all.


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