Graduation Photos

Can’t believe I’ve now graduated from Rutgers. What a strange feeling to be finished with school after all these years of being a student. Here are a few of the photos I took around Rutgers a few days¬†prior to¬†graduation. ?

I Finished College Today!

What a weird feeling. Today, I finished college. Out in the pouring rain, I trekked to my last college final exam¬†ever.¬†My World Cultural Regions final exam was the last exam I needed to take to complete my undergraduate degree. It’s …

My Quarter-Life Crisis Is Happening

I’m officially experiencing my quarter-life crisis. It’s happening. Right now. In ten¬†days, my boyfriend¬†leaves the United States¬†to return back to his home in¬†Spain- a flight that departs¬†merely¬†days¬†before our¬†one year dating-anniversary. Talk about emotionally devastating timing. Most couples get to celebrate …

Saying Goodbye to Davidson Hall

Now that the year is over, I have finally bid farewell to my residence hall. Not too long ago, I received news that my home this year, Davidson Hall, would not be reopening again next year. For the time being, …

Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration

My first fern
My first fern

A significant portion of my sophomore year was spent learning about the plant life cycle. In particular, we studied¬†the incredible cycle that is the¬†Alternation of Generations. Where multicellular plants and their gametes cycle between a haploid “n” state and a diploid “2n” state. This fluctuation between haploid and diploid stages often occurs in plants and is called the alternation of generations.

Alternation of Generations
Alternation of Generations

Throughout the entire course, the textbook always referred to drawings of ferns. I stared at the pictures in confusion wondering if I had ever seen a plant that looked anything like a fern. I could not recall. In fact, the fern was consistently used as an example since supposedly, they are super common and everyone (except me?) knows what a fern is.

Finally, 20 years later, I have recognized my first fern in real life. Wow, writing this post made me realize how much I miss biology.

(Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration)

Fellow INFJs Unite!

Perhaps one of the best parts of blogging is having the opportunity to bump into your readers at the most unexpected times. Sending a special shout out to Alexis, an INFJ who came across my blog after discovering his MBTI personality type. I really enjoyed our conversation over dinner at Subway haha. I hope we cross paths again someday!


Best of luck with everything. Keep in touch! ūüôā

My Spring 2016 Semester Course Load

This semester,¬†I decided to focus on completing my major in psychology. Once I take the classes that I’m enrolled in, I’ll only have to take a psychology lab next year, and then my major will be complete. During my senior …