My Blog’s Year-In-Review: 2017 Edition

January 2017

Dipping Churros in Chocolate at Chocolatería San Ginés

A Dunkin’ Donuts Ripoff Called Duffin Dagels Seriously Exists

February 2017

5 Foods You Have to Try Before Leaving Spain

March 2017

My Misadventures Traveling to Las Vegas During Spring Break

April 2017

In Transit to See In Transit, I Realized I Forgot My Broadway Ticket

May 2017

I Finished College Today!

June 2017

Are Bananas Going Extinct? Everything You Need To Know.

July 2017

How We Messed Up Watching the NYC 4th of July Fireworks

No Time to Waste – Back to Indiana For the Sixth Time

August 2017

My College Graduation Cruise Was Everything I Could Ask For + More

Road Tripping to Philadelphia’s Gayborhood

Watching a Long Distance Relationship Fall Apart

September 2017

Can an INFJ Survive a Sales Job?

October 2017

Sadly, It’s Time For Me to Retire From Being a Mad Scientist

November 2017

Signing a Contract To Work Remotely with VIPKID

Teaching With VIPKID On My Road Trip to Kalahari

December 2017

Teaching With VIPKID: One Month Update & Income Report

The Sad Story From the Time I Wanted a Persimmon

Call Me Crazy. I Quit My Full Time Job and Here’s Why.

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