Signing a Contract To Work Remotely with VIPKID

Last Updated on March 25, 2021

I’m so excited right now I’m practically jumping out of my seat!!! My hard work over the summer has finally paid off. After a long and rather confusing application process with VIPKID, I was finally offered a contract to teach English to kids in China! The beauty behind this opportunity is that aside from the pure fun of teaching ESL, I now have the freedom and means to earn income wherever I want whenever I want.

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The best feeling ever was logging onto VIPKID on Halloween and seeing THIS!

Upon receiving my contract proposal, I was asked to submit the required documents. I assembled the necessary items and completed my online teacher profile which includes a couple of photos of myself, a short bio, and a TEACHER VIDEO. I was not expecting to be asked to submit one so soon so I quickly made one in less than two hours’ time. My video is a little cringe-worthy but I think it will be well received by the parents in China who make the decision of who to book their kids with.

After reading online about past teachers getting off to a slow start, I was expecting to have a difficult time getting booked in the early stages. That is why it caught me off guard when the next day, I saw this pop up on my phone!

I was excited yet anxious all at the same time. I knew I had no reason to worry since VIPKID provides us with the lesson plans. They really are a WONDERFUL company. They take care of all the heavy lifting and it is up to us, the teachers, to deliver what is practically handed to us! If the kids have fun, the lesson is considered a success.

By the time I was 5 days in, I had taught around 4 or 5 students. I was averaging one trial student per day and considered myself lucky when I got two together. I think this may have been partially due to the probationary period after completing a New Teacher Kickoff Meeting with VIPKID but I’m not positive.

When I woke up on November 9th, I was awestruck. Something unbelievable had happened – literally overnight.

I woke up to TWENTY-SIX NEW BOOKINGS during the short time I was asleep. What on Earth?!


After doing some digging around, I think VIPKID officially cleared my background check and certified me to teach Level 2 and Level 3 students that night. How awesome! I never expected to get noticed within the VIPKID parent community that quickly being so new to this. From what I’ve been told, male teachers seem to generally be in high demand on VIPKID. Since many families want to match their sons with male teachers and VIPKID is comprised mostly of women, we have an easier time getting booked. Although that stuff shouldn’t matter, I definitely think it could be a big contributing factor as to why I’ve had success so early on.

I may be new to this but I’m trying to catch up quickly. Each day, I collect new multi-purpose items to use as props in my lessons. My next project is going to be to create a better classroom environment. Ideally, I want something mobile to use as a classroom background for lessons-on-the-go. (In fact, I ALREADY somehow committed to holding class during my out-of-state road trip. TEACHING FROM MY CAR IS GOING TO BE FUN!)

I AM TRUTHFULLY SO EXCITED TO BE WORKING WITH VIPKID. It feels like a GREAT next step after leaving Mad Science. Instead of teaching science like I used to, now I get to teach English! My favorite part about all of this? The VIPKID community! The Facebook groups are hysterical. People are so willing to help and share ideas – it is incredible!

To top it all off, I’m starting to receive positive parent feedback and priority booking requests- both of which are amazing for generating future business. I can’t thank VIPKID enough for giving me this opportunity.



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      Since starting with VIPKID, I’ve built up a great business of teaching English to students from all over China. I teach all year long no matter the circumstances. VIPKID is a great business for digital nomads. Thanks for reading, Shary!

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