VIPKID: Two Month Update & Income Report

Things with VIPKID are leveling out in the best way now that I am becoming a more seasoned teacher. It has become so EASY for me to teach in the spur of a moment. There are mornings I wake up at 5:59 for a 6:00AM class. I do very little to prepare before each lesson and still dance my way gracefully through the lesson and get 5 apple reviews. No need to overcomplicate what should inherently be simple for a native English speaker. Speak slowly, smile, and have universal props on hand.

In the month of December 2017, my extra VIPKID earnings totaled $1358.00. Unfortunately, I needed to take a lot of time off this month to take care of outside work. When you factor in Christmas and New Years, there was an entire week when I barely taught any classes. My payment break down is as follows:

December 2017: $1369.50


$4 from Trial Classes ($8/class or $10/class if they were short notice. $4 for cancellations.)

$1076 from Major Courses ($8/class or $10/class if they were short notice)

$135 from the Participation Incentive (additional $1/class for classes you showed up to)

$135 from the Finished Class Incentive (additional $1/class for teaching 45 classes or more)

$0 from New Student Sign-Ups ($5 per Trial Student who joins VIPKID because of you!)

$19.50 from the December Double Base Pay Incentive Lottery Slot Winner

Total: I made an extra $1,369.50 in my second month working for VIPKID!

I taught for a total of 55 hours this month earning just around $25/hour.
This is based on working fewer than 15 hours/week with VIPKID.


I highly recommend VIPKID if you are trying to diversify your streams of income!


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