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Insurance for nomads that covers COVID-19.

The SafetyWing Ambassador Program is one of my favorite ways to generate passive income on my blog. Month after month, all while traveling, I’ve earned income from the SafetyWing affiliate program.

After joining the Ambassador program in June of 2018, I published my first blog post introducing SafetyWing’s Nomad Insurance right before leaving for my first-ever solo backpacking trip.

SafetyWing is available for purchase in 180 countries and can be purchased while already traveling.

I Became a Customer First

Nomad Insurance by SafetyWing was the first travel medical insurance I ever purchased prior to my international backpacking trip and I absolutely loved having such a budget-friendly, renewable policy that was designed for digital nomads like myself.

I was so satisfied as a customer with the insurance coverage and the price, I decided to join their Ambassador program so that I could recommend it to others.

The numbers speak for themselves. You can see everything SafetyWing covers in this PDF. After taking a look at the numbers and the coverage, I believe you’ll also agree that SafetyWing is positioned in a unique space for backpackers and budget-minded travelers. The insurance is so wonderful that recommending it to others was a no-brainer.

You are not required to become a customer before becoming an Ambassador, but I think you’ll believe in the product much more if you have first-hand experience using it!

Joining the SafetyWing Ambassador Program

Travel bloggers typically earn commissions through various travel affiliate programs. In case you’re unfamiliar with the concept of affiliate marketing, I recommend you look into my page: How to Make Money Online and Work from Anywhere where I explain how blogs can generate passive income.

Using the widget above, you can see just how affordable travel medical insurance can be. When I bought my own policy, I paid one month at a time since I didn’t know how long I’d be overseas. SafetyWing makes it easy to extend your coverage.

As an ambassador, this rocks. You see, not only are you paid out on first-time insurance purchases, but you also get paid commissions on renewals.

Travel medical insurance for long-term travelers.

Apply to Join the SafetyWing Ambassador Program

Reliable: SafetyWing is a Y-Combinator company.

Is Travel Affiliate Marketing Dead?

Travel affiliate marketing is absolutely not dead. It’s true that COVID-19 made things complicated for far longer than most people anticipated, but things are finally beginning to pick back up again. They say airports are so busy right now since people are all antsy to get back to traveling that you should add an additional 90 minutes on top of however long you usually allocate for getting through an airport.

Due to the increased risk, purchasing insurance for your trip has never been more important.

Why You Should Promote SafetyWing

SafetyWing Now Covers COVID-19

Insurance for travelers that covers COVID-19 treatment and unexpected quarantine.

Nomad Insurance has covered COVID-19 since August 1st, 2020. As of April 15th, 2021, they are now adding quarantine coverage as well. Nomad Insurance will cover quarantine up to $50/day for up to 10 days once every 364-day period.

Naturally, there are some requirements that must be met:

  • You must have Nomad Insurance for a minimum of 28 days before claiming
  • You must be located outside of your home country
  • The quarantine must be mandated by a physician or government authority
  • You must have a positive or pending COVID-19 test
  • A planned hotel quarantine is not covered

With a legitimate claim, I doubt any of this would be a challenge to satisfy.

Nomad Insurance now covers quarantine due to COVID-19!

As an automatic policy feature, I think it is a wonderful option to give budget backpackers some peace of mind during these uncertain times.

I believe this really sets SafetyWind apart from many of their competitors.

How to Qualify as a SafetyWing Ambassador

As of now, there are no strict criteria to join the SafetyWing affiliate program. I had to check first since I joined the program three years ago. It is possible things may have changed, but it doesn’t look like they have.

The company was still in its early startup phase back then and they didn’t ask many questions when I first applied. The program was new. It’s possible they might be a bit more selective now since they’ve grown significantly since then.

Recommended Credentials

In order to join SafetyWing’s ambassador program, I recommend you meet the following criteria as a baseline before applying:

  • Average at least 10,000 sessions per month
  • Have at least 1,000 social media followers
  • Have at least 1,000 subscribers on your email list

Again, these are NOT official requirements. Rather, they’re recommendations I believe will increase your odds of success with both getting accepted and with generating new sales!

How Much Money Can You Make With SafetyWing’s Ambassador Program?

It’s possible to make great money with the SafetyWing ambassador program. There are travel bloggers who earn thousands of dollars from participating in it.

The Ambassador fees are as follows:

  • 10% for Remote Health
  • 10% for Nomad Insurance

Your Earning Potential

With Nomad Insurance sales, you have an approximate annual earning potential of around $50.00 for each customer who joins for an entire year. With 10 customers signed up for a full year, you’d earn just shy of $500.00.

If a travel blogger averaged 10 sales a month- a very achievable number- along with perfect renewals, you could earn $3,120.00 in one year by participating in the program.

Even as a small blogger, if you only made 1 sale a month, that’s still a cup of coffee covered each money with money you earned passively! (… and that is only if no one ever renewed. If everyone renewed continuously, you’d be earning at least $312.00/month by the end of the first year!)

24/7 claims support at SafetyWing

When you tack on all of the other affiliate programs that bloggers can participate in, that really begins to add up.

What To Do Next

For Travelers:

If you’re a traveler, it is my belief that you MUST travel with insurance. Unless you have a huge bank account to back you up, emergencies happen. Unexpected things are just a part of life. For a little over a dollar per day, you can travel with peace of mind!

I needed to see a doctor a handful of times while traveling and I was grateful to know I had travel insurance in those instances.

SafetyWing is an affordable option for long-term travelers.

Unexpected things can happen

For Travel Bloggers:

Join the SafetyWing Ambassador Program

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money online while helping match people with products that genuinely make sense for them!

If you have additional questions about how any of this works, please let me know in the comments down below or send me an email! I’d be happy to set up a Zoom call with you to discuss any of it in greater detail as well.

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