A Dunkin’ Donuts Ripoff Called Duffin Dagels Seriously Exists

I’m not quite sure¬†which¬†I found more amusing during my travels in¬†Spain: learning¬†that Dunkin’ Donuts chooses to brand itself as Dunkin’ Coffee or discovering that there is a popular ripoff of Dunkin’ Donuts called Duffin Dagels.

Yes, “Duffin Dagels” is a real thing¬†and there are at least 30 of them all¬†across¬†Spain.

Dunkin' Coffee
This is Dunkin’ Coffee

My first encounter with Dunkin’ Coffee occurred while walking the streets of Madrid late at night with Jorge. It was getting cold and we¬†wanted to get something warm to drink. After¬†approaching the window to place an order, all I could focus on was the peculiar branding on the sign.¬†“Dunkin’…. Coffee?” I said aloud.¬†What an unusual branding decision. I assumed it must somehow relate back to a lack of interest in consuming donuts in Spain. (Yet they still had them.) Either that or Spanish people just place an even¬†higher demand on coffee allowing Dunkin’ to¬†justify¬†the deviation from their true brandname.

Duffin Dagels
This is Duffin Dagels

It wasn’t until we went to Valencia that¬†I experienced¬†my¬†first visit¬†to a¬†Duffin Dagels and gosh, was I amazed. Amazed at¬†how clearly they ripped off Dunkin’ Donuts brand in pretty much every sense. Without any attempt to differentiate. The style, the color, the design, the layout, the options –¬†it was ALL¬†the same. How could they get away with this!?¬†I was in total shock. I guess the laws protecting brands’ identities have fuzzy boundaries abroad.

Shame on Duffin Dagels.¬†Let’s not be too critical of Duffin though, if it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t have access to the sweet¬†‚ā¨2.20 Duffin Duo! Now that’s a Duffin deal!

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