My Blog’s Year in Review: 2016 Edition

Welcome to The Rocky Safari’s Year in Review: 2016 Edition


Never Make a Durian Smoothie… Or Anything Durian Flavored

Repulsed by the taste, we attempted to mask our durian smoothies in bananas and cocoa. It didn’t help. Nothing did.


Booking a Vacation to Aruba With My Boyfriend


Aruba is a Great Gay-Friendly Vacation Destination

All Posts From Aruba


“Moonlit Matcha” Green Tea Review


I Wish His Exchange Program Never Had to End

A Series of Unfortunate (Car) Events


Will Airplants Be the Next Big Trend?

All Posts From Canada


Saint Martin’s Butterfly Garden
is the Most Peaceful Place on Earth

All Posts From Saint Martin


My Boyfriend Has Made It Back Safely to Spain


Why The Tale of the Princess Kaguya
Is My Favorite Film from Studio Ghibli

This is the full story of why I actually believe the moon put my boyfriend in the bamboo.


Booking a Weekend Getaway to Cancun

I’ll pack my bags, fly to Mexico in the middle of the semester, and be back before anyone even notices I’m gone.

Learning the Ins and Outs
of Being a Mad Scientist One Party at a Time


Cancun’s La Madonna Grill & Bar
is a Classy Date Night Destination

A Review of My Short Stay
at the Westin Lagunamar in Mexico

All Posts From Mexico


The MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is a Blogger’s Dream Laptop

Sorry, It Turns Out I Was Wrong About Accounting

Tonight, My Heart Races … Spain Awaits!

All Posts From Spain

Thank you so much for reading! It means the world to me. Wishing you a very happy holidays and the best New Years possible. Cheers! ?

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