A New Life Begins

12/03: Why Quiet Clubbing Is a Fun Way to Party – For Introverts & Extroverts Alike
11/25: Let’s Talk About My Rotten Tomato Juice-Induced Pink Eye Infection At La Tomatina
11/16: The Story of How I Discovered My Destiny To Attend The La Tomatina Festival In Buñol!
11/12: The Casas Colgadas and Other Top Things to See and Do In Cuenca, Spain
11/05: Getting Pulled Over Right After Hopping Into a Stranger’s Van
11/04: Couchsurfing With Friends Is All Fun & Games Until…
10/29: Staying In Madrid Can Be Expensive Except For When It Is Free
10/28: Lovely Summer Nights in Madrid With Old & New Friends
10/23: Adjusting to Prices In Western Europe After Landing in Madrid
10/13: The Struggle Was Real While Trying to Sail With Hellenic Seaways
10/11: Travel Recommendations For Young Gay Men Who Want to Visit Mykonos
10/07: I Didn’t Know “Paradise” Was Sleeping With Sheets That Don’t Fit Your Mattress
10/03: Time For The Beach! Oh Wait. Ouch, My Thumb Is Stuck In the Door
10/02: Welcome To Mykonos! Sorry, Rocky. You Don’t Have a Reservation Here.
09/28: Sailing with SEAJETS to the Island of Mykonos
09/23: Which Greek Islands Can You Visit Cheaply?
09/15: Little Whiskas to Feed the Cats of (C)Athens
09/04: What I Packed In My Backpack For A Trip Around the World
08/20: Standing Together On Acropolis Hill in Athens
08/12: Milk and Honey… Reconnecting a Relationship One Year Later
08/09: Crossing Paths With One of My Best Friends in Athens
08/04: A Beautiful Night on Filopappou Hill With The Stop Shopping Choir
07/29: Ordering Koulouri Helped Me Find The Gay Part of Monastiraki By Accident
07/26: Warby Parker’s Moriarty Eyeglasses: My New Sherlock Holmes-Inspired Frames
07/23: My Personalized Ath.ena Card For Transportation in Athens
07/16: A Guide On How to Complicate Converting Currency Before Traveling Abroad
07/14: Lost & Alone in Athens On My First Night in Greece
07/10: I Made It To Greece Alive & In One Piece
07/03: Pictures from NYC Pride Parade 2018
06/29: My Week At a Glance Leading Up To My Trip
06/22: How to Get Affordable Travel Health Insurance As a Digital Nomad
06/17: Thoughts on the LGBT Movie: Love, Simon
06/10: One Month Until I Leave For My Trip Around the World
05/25: Which Vaccinations Should You Get Before Long Term Travel?
05/17: Why Every Traveler Should Bank With Charles Schwab
05/14: I Finished My First Contract With VIPKID (Report on Month 6)
05/05: What I Learned From Reading The Samurai’s Garden
05/04: How to Pack for Your First Pride
05/01: My Travel Health Appointment and the Worldwide Shortage of Yellow Fever Vaccines
04/24: Why Do You Need Travel Insurance?
04/22: Purchase Travel Insurance via World Nomads
04/16: Should You Use Google AMP On Your Blog?
04/13: Overcoming Your Fears of Traveling Alone
04/06: 3 Months Until I Leave to Travel: What Still Needs to Be Done?
04/04: VIPKID: Five Month Update & Income Report
03/31: How I Got Involved In the Most Petty eBay Transaction of All Time
03/29: Tea From Taiwan: Formosa Pouchong Oolong
03/25: I Bought a One Way Ticket To Greece at 3AM
03/11: Buying a Digital Nomad Backpack: My Gregory Baltoro 75 GZ Pack
03/08: Pareja de Hecho: Options for Long Distance Couples Between Spain and the USA
03/07: Meet the Cassowary: A Modern-Day Dinosaur
03/01: About My Blog and My Plans for the Future
03/01: VIPKID Income Report During Chinese New Year – The Slowest Month of the Year
02/28: Chamomile Tea Can Help Calm Your Anxiety
02/20: I Think I’m Cursed When It Comes to Cars
02/14: Around-the-Clock Emotional Support at
02/08: Bella Luna Blue – The Magic Tea That Changes Colors!
02/07: Barnes & Noble Released The Nook I Always Wanted!
02/01: VIPKID: Month Three Extra Income Report
01/29: “Call Me By Your Name” Is A Film About My Life
01/23: 50 Takeaways From 5 Full Years of Blogging
01/19: Every Long Distance Couple Must Watch “Love Aaj Kal”
01/05: What Happened After Accepting Blessing’s Facebook Friend Request
01/02: VIPKID: Two Month Update & Income Report
01/01: Happy New Year! We Called The Cops.


Finishing My Senior Year of College

12/30: My Blog’s Year-In-Review: 2017 Edition
12/19: The Sad Story From the Time I Wanted a Persimmon
12/17: Teavana May Be Closing But All Hope Is Not Lost. Shop Adagio.
12/03: Call Me Crazy. I Quit My Full Time Job and Here’s Why.
11/30: Teaching with VIPKID: One Month Update & Income Report
11/21: Teaching VIPKID On My Road Trip to Kalahari
11/10: Signing a Contract to Work Remotely with VIPKID 
11/05: My Experience Working for Smart Circle As an Introvert
10/31: What If Today Became Your Happy Death Day?
10/30: Sadly, It’s Time For Me to Retire From Being a Mad Scientist
10/14: The Anchor Necklace By Galis Symbolizes Strength & Stability
10/12: Waking Up in the Middle of a Misty Jungle at 4AM
10/11: Happy National Coming Out Day
10/09: Fairwell, AIM. You Changed The World and Will Be Missed.
10/08: How Long Do Mighty Wallets Last? A Long-Term Review.
10/02: New Apple Watch Bands to Celebrate Turning 22!
10/01: Will a Virtually Dating Trend Slowly Replace Online Dating?
09/24: Can an INFJ Survive a Sales Job?
09/03: Figuring Out the Next Steps To Take After a LDR Breakup
08/14: 5 Reasons Why I Enjoyed Being In a Long Distance Relationship
08/07: Watching a Long Distance Relationship Fall Apart
08/05: 5 Great Date Ideas You Can Use In New York City
08/04: Road Tripping to Philadelphia’s Gayborhood
08/03: No Time to Waste – Back to Indiana For the Sixth Time
08/02: My College Graduation Cruise Was Everything I Could Ask For + More
07/17: How We Messed Up Watching the NYC 4th of July Fireworks
07/09: Jorge Came to the USA to Visit Me!
06/03: Are Bananas Going Extinct? Everything You Need to Know.
06/02: Graduation Photos
05/05: I Finished College Today!
04/11: In Transit to See In Transit, I Realized I Forgot My Broadway Ticket
04/10: Drink Green Bull. It’s Better For You than Red Bull.
03/31: My Misadventures Traveling to Las Vegas During Spring Break
03/17: Why Is Disney Closing Club Penguin?
03/13: Wasabi Woman Is My Favorite Super Hero
03/12: Transforming My Residence Hall Into The Animal Kingdom
02/19: My Final Senior Year Course Schedule at Rutgers University
02/05: My Turbulent Flight Home & Our Aborted Landing
02/04: 5 Foods You Have to Try Before Leaving Spain
02/04: The Wondrous Taste of Tigernut Horchata and Fartons
02/02: Climbing 207 Steps To the Top of El Miguelete
01/26: A Dunkin’ Donuts Ripoff Called Duffin Dagels Seriously Exists
01/25: Can You Eat the Sidewalk Oranges Growing in Valencia?
01/23: Guess Whose Roscón Had the King Inside!!!
01/21: The Veggetti Spiralizes Vegetables into Spaghetti
01/20: Swallowing 12 Grapes to Celebrate the New Year
01/17: Taking a Train to the Castilla-La Mancha Region of Spain
01/15: Photos From El Retiro, Plaza Mayor, Crystal Palace, and the Prado
01/13: A Flamenco Dinner Date at Corral De La Moreria
01/11: Our Guided Tour of the Royal Palace of Madrid
01/07: Dipping Churros in Chocolate at Chocolatería San Ginés
01/02: Exploring the Gran Vía of Madrid


Finishing My Junior Year of College

12/31: We Are Chueca Boys: Touring the Gay Part of Madrid
12/30: Merry Christmas, I Missed My Flight!
12/22: Tonight, My Heart Races … Spain Awaits!
12/18: Sorry, It Turns Out I Was Wrong About Accounting
12/12: The MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is a Blogger’s Dream Laptop
12/11: Apple’s $240.00 Apology Gift From Black Friday
11/29: A Drawing to Celebrate My Boyfriend’s Birthday
11/29: Coming Out to My Cousins on Thanksgiving
11/24: This Thanksgiving I Want to Be Thankful For a Family Who Accepts Me
11/19: Cancun’s La Madonna Grill & Bar is a Classy Date Night Destination
11/19: How Long Does It Take to Reach 1,000 Charge Cycles on a MacBook Pro?
11/12: Can’t Believe I Missed Mexico’s Famous “Day of the Dead” Celebration
11/08: A Review of My Short Stay at the Westin Lagunamar in Cancun
11/07: Enjoying This Resort’s Ocean-Blue Infinity Pool
11/06: Landed In Mexico, Getting Ready to Go Out
11/05: Is The 2016 MacBook Pro A Good Travel Laptop?
11/02: 5 Steps to Bring Joy To Your Local Bird Population
10/31: I Register For My Final Semester of College In Less Than 10 Minutes
10/29: One Simple Solution to Fight the Common Cold
10/26: Thoughts on Logo’s New TV Show: Finding Prince Charming
10/24: Listing My iPhone 6 For Sale… Exclusive Offer!
10/16: Booking a Last Minute Weekend Getaway to Cancun
10/15: Learning the Ins and Outs of Being a Mad Scientist One Party at a Time
10/13: Meet Your New Mad Scientist: “Revolving Rocky”
10/09: How To Stay Organized In College and Beyond
10/05: Review of the Red White and Blue NATO Apple Watch Band from Clockwork Synergy
10/02: I’m Going to See My Boyfriend in Spain This Winter Break!
09/26: I’ll Only Be “Underage” For One More Hour
09/25: Why The Tale of the Princess Kaguya Is My Favorite Film from Studio Ghibli
09/21: 5 Lessons I Have Learned From Owning an Apple Watch for One Year
09/18: I Have Successfully Managed to Change The Focus of My Studies Every Single Year of College
09/09: My Residence Hall Is Swimming With Narwhals
08/20: My Boyfriend Made it Back Safely to Spain
08/08: My Quarter-Life Crisis Is Happening
07/25: Flyboarding in Circles Around Simpson Bay
07/21: Feeding Birds at Saint Martin’s Parrotte-Ville Bird Park
07/20: Saint Martin’s Butterfly Garden Is the Most Peaceful Place on Earth
07/18: The Insanity of Jet Blasts at SXM Maho Beach
07/15: Hello, Saint Martin!
06/30: Pepsi Reintroduces Controversial “Aspartame” To Diet Soda After Sales Drop
06/29: Thoughts on “Ramen Noodles, Rent and Resumes”
06/28: New York City Pride Parade 2016
06/27: Back From My Convention in Toronto, Ontario
06/08: Will Airplants Be the Next Big Trend?
05/26: A Series of Unfortunate (Car) Events
05/15: Saying Goodbye to Davidson Hall
05/01: I Wish His Exchange Program Never Had to End
04/30: “Moonlit Matcha” Green Tea Review
04/24: Our Trip to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden
04/23: Six Month Apple Watch Reflection
04/14: What It Feels Like to Lose 14,000 Photos and Digital Memories
04/08: The Sexapalooza Sex-in-the-City Scavenger Hunt of Selfies
04/06: My Hypnosis Show in Michigan
03/29: Fellow INFJs Unite!
03/28: Aruba is a Great Gay-Friendly Vacation Destination
03/22: A Video of My Trip to Aruba
03/13: I’ve Been Retired as Governor and My Convention is OVER
03/13: An Unimaginable Amount of Stress & Pressure
02/22: Enjoying a Dinner Cruise Along the New York City Skyline
02/16: Shoot, What Happened to My Heart-Shaped Bamboo?
02/09: Purchased a GoPro Hero4 Session For My Upcoming Trip
02/07: Booking a Vacation to Aruba With My Boyfriend
02/07: My Spring 2016 Semester Course Load
01/17: My Impulsive Painting-Spree Over Winter Break
01/13: Never Make a Durian Smoothie… Or Anything Durian Flavored, For That Matter.
01/13: I Can’t Stop Playing with Brookstone’s Sȧnd
01/12: Convincing My Family to Let My Boyfriend Stay With Us
01/06: I Spent New Years Day Coming Out to Extended Family
01/02: Teavana is Discontinuing Their Ruby Spice Cider Tea
01/02: Our Ice Skate Date at the Rockefeller Center


Finishing My Sophomore Year of College

12/26: A New Apple Watch Sport Band Makes a Big Difference
12/26: Hope You Had a Very Merry Christmas!
12/16: I’ve Gone Crazy for Coconut Water
12/12: The Mighty Wallet Is Made of Tyvek House Wrap – and I Love It
12/11: Charging my Phone with the Christmas Spirit
12/10: Guess I’ll Be Taking Exams with Mononucleosis This Year
12/01: Random But The Fact that HIV “Exists” Blows My Mind
12/01: My Black & White Self Portrait
11/29: Birthday Doodles for the Guy I’m Dating
11/28: 3 Steps to Brew a Horrifyingly Beautiful Cup of Tea
11/27: I Wish Black Friday Still Started at Midnight
11/26: Spending this Thanksgiving in ‘Turkey Pose’
11/10: This Weekend… I Was Slimed
11/09: I’ve Never Been Anyone’s “Best Customer”… Until Now!
11/03: To Compliment a Stranger Just Because
10/30: I Decided to Carve A Jack O’Lantern Last Night
10/27: Would You Date Someone From Another Country?
10/23: “Coming Out” to People Who Already “Know”
10/21: Our Date at the Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze
10/17: Do You Ever Wonder Why Glasses Are So Expensive?
10/04: My Hypnosis Show Went Well!
10/02: Having Anxiety About My First Legitimate Hypnosis Show
10/02: 5 Things I Love About My Apple Watch
09/27: A New Apple Watch to Celebrate Turning 20!
09/20: The Perks of Dating an International Student
09/20: My Junior Year Course Schedule
09/12: From Psychiatrist to Psychologist… Which Career Path Will I Choose?
09/01: Rutgers Target Night: Free Swag Bag and Skin Rash
08/29: Living the Single Life at Rutgers
08/27: It’s All Coming Together
08/18: My Dorm Will Be Taken Over By Cats
08/10: There Is One Week Left Until I Go Back to Rutgers
08/09: The Story of How I Started A Business in Stage Hypnosis
08/02: The Cute Flight Attendant I’ll Probably Never See Again
07/26: Guess Who Is Heading Back to Indiana!
07/25: I Can Finally Take a Break From Wearing Contact Lenses
07/23: Kickin’ Back at the Jersey Shore
07/21: Doing Some Serious Bonding With My Nook This Summer
07/16: Meet The Haunted Rocking Horse From My Backyard
07/08: My Traveling Isn’t Over Just Yet!
07/08: Dick’s Last Resort: A Dining Experience Like No Other
07/06: Jetlagged in Indy
07/03: The Weirdest Translations I Came Across in China
07/03: I Got Lost in the Forbidden City On My Last Day in China
07/02: I Walked the Great Wall of China!!!!
07/02: Don’t Leave China Without Visiting The Summer Palace
07/01: To Wuzhen, Hangzhou, and Beyond
07/01: Reflecting on Gay Rights
06/29: The Famous Lingering Garden of Suzhou, China
06/25: My Stroll Through a Chinese Farmers Market
06/24: My Crush on the Chinese Ice Cream Guy
06/23: Touching Silkworms and Touring the Suzhou Silk Factory
06/22: We Left Shanghai To Explore Wuxi and Other Small Villages
06/22: I’m Bringing Home Authentic Emperor’s Dragon Well Green Tea
06/22: Small Animal Keychains in China Should Be Banned
06/21: Chinese Sidewalks Twist Your Ankle One Step at a Time
06/16: My Visit to the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai
06/15: Nestle Water Bottle Factory Tour
06/14: Written During My 26 Hour Journey to China
06/07: It’s My Time to Fly!
06/03: A Chinese Pocket Dictionary Just In Case!
05/27: The Story of The Time I Hypnotized My Little Sister
05/26: Bizarre iPhone iMessage Glitch لُلُصّبُلُلصّبُررً ॣ ॣh ॣ ॣ 冗
05/26: Breaking Out My Nikes for China
05/25: My Memorial Day Safari Adventure
05/23: “Photo Picture! Where’s Your Photo Picture???”
05/18: 3 Tips to Help You Succeed In General Biology at Rutgers
05/13: Down to the Last Final!
05/12: Picked Up a Moleskine Voyageur For My Trip to China
05/10: I’ll Only Be a Sophomore For 3 More Days
05/01: Today Is Day One of Expo Milano 2015
04/30: Huh? What Do You Mean I’m Going to China!?!
04/16: A Moleskine Notebook To Help Fight Against HIV and AIDS
04/15: The Struggle of Having Sunday Exams at Rutgers
04/04: Where I Stand One Year After Coming Out
03/29: Serving as a 2015-2016 CKI District Governor!
03/25: My Second Chem 2 Exam Is Tonight At 10PM
03/19: I Was Interviewed on the Subject of Psychiatry
03/14: Finding My Old Photos from Chinese Summer Camp 2012
03/12: I’m Going To Be 100 Minutes Late to Every RA Class
03/11: Asking a Ghost to Help Me Write My Essay
03/06: I’m Going to be a Resident Assistant Next Year!
03/05: Taking a Step Back from The Daily Post’s Daily Prompts
03/05: Love How Casual the Last Sentence Is
02/27: I’m Finally Transferring Out of the Business School
02/25: Speciation is the Reason Why I Don’t Want to Live Forever
02/22: Interacting with INFJs In My Personality Psychology Class
02/04: My Spring 2015 Semester Courseload
01/26: I Got a Seat in Personality Psychology!
01/24: I’m Going to Be a Teachers Assistant for Abnormal Psychology This Semester!
01/16: Summarizing the Cognitive Functions of Personality
01/15: Embrace Your Style
01/13: The First Book I Ever Wrote: “The Best Holidays”
01/12: I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Rice Dream
01/08: Back in the Hood
01/07: Flashback to When I Was a Rockstar
01/05: Pokémon Will Protect Your Plants
01/04: I Have Diagnosed My Cat with Generalized Anxiety Disorder


Finishing My Freshman Year of College

12/22: Home For the Holidays
12/02: Can Gay Men Use Bumble- The New Dating App?
11/28: This Thanksgiving My Family Gave Thanks For Stink Bugs
11/27: Why I Will No Longer Participate in Black Friday
11/24: My Grandma Can Smell the Soldiers at Old Navy
11/21: Every Class this Week Was about Gender and Sexuality
11/16: Tonight, I Will Communicate With the Blogging Spirits
11/16: Can a Type B Personality Get Into Med School?
11/14: Live Blogging: My Day Today!
11/06: How is the Food at Rutgers?
11/04: I Went to a Career Counselor to Find Out I Should Become a Career Counselor
10/22: 5 Tips on How to Study Smarter (Especially For an INFJ)
10/17: Is General Chemistry at Rutgers Hard?
10/17: I Guess Sociology Is Being Taught in Japanese Today!
10/16: Happy Spirit Day Everyone!
10/11: Why Do Bad Things Happen to Me Before Sociology
10/10: A Rutgers Package Delivery… Gone Seriously Wrong
10/05: I Got a New i-Am-Not-a-Phone 6
09/25: A Rather Delayed Birthday Celebration
09/24: Intro to Sociology Taught Me to Let It Go
09/19: Rutgers King Neptune Night 2014
09/18: I’ll Just Pretend I’m a Freshman…
09/02: Moving into My New Dorm (BEST Hall)
08/20: I Met My Boyfriend on OkCupid
08/19: Was Coming Out to My Parents Worth It?
08/14: Understanding the INFJ Personality Type (Cognitive Functions)
08/12: My Trip to Turks and Caicos (So Far)
07/19: The Story Behind the Haunted Winchester Mystery House
07/12: My First Visit to Disneyland!
07/12: A Night at Downtown Disney
07/12: Taking Research In the Disciplines: That’s So Gay at Rutgers
07/11: I Dreamt a Christian Dentist Pulled Out My Teeth And Replaced Them With The Saints From Her Bracelet
07/11: I Finally Bought the SEL35F18 for my Sony NEX F3!
06/12: So That’s What Taro Looks Like!?
06/11: Will My Parents Let Me Live in a Gay Dorm?
06/10: Facing My Fear of Anesthesia
06/04: My Family Only Buys Heteronormative Date Nuts
06/01: What Is Alpaca Evolution?
05/31: Last Minute Unexpected Surgery Is Always Fun
05/28: I’m Excited For My Summer Internship!
05/27: Should You Take a Byrne Seminar at Rutgers?
05/23: My Parents Are Pretending I Never Came Out
05/20: Flowers of Spring 2014
05/10: Rutgers Reflection: My ‘Scarlet Day’ Bus Tour Nightmare
05/04: Spending Countless Hours Studying For Finals
04/26: The 10th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium at Rutgers
04/21: The Story of How I Came Out to My Parents on Easter at 3AM
04/19: My Parents Want Me to Come Out to Them
04/11: My Story Was Featured On DLP’s National Website!
04/07: I’m Now a Brother of Delta Lambda Phi!
03/24: We Found a Cake and It’s Only Half a Year Old
03/21: Choosing a New Lens for my Sony NEX Mirrorless Camera
03/03: Apple Employees Line Up and Prepare for Battle
02/24: I’m Allergic to Almond Milk But I Drink It Anyway
02/13: Life-Changing Revelation … Bye Business. I’m Going Pre-Med?
02/07: The MBTI Changed My Life Forever (Story of a Gay INFJ)
02/06: Attack of the Giant R Balloon
02/05: Rutgers Buses Are Dinosaurs
01/26: The Story of How I Came Out to My Younger Sister
01/24: “That’s So Gay” at Rutgers!
01/20: What a Lovely Day to Spend $300.00 on Cereal
01/10: “Om Namah Shivaya!” Blasting Throughout Our House
01/08: I Think My Coat Needs a Slightly Bigger Hood
01/03: Our iPad Got So Cold Its Apps Started Shivering!


Posts from High School

12/31: 2014 Resolution: Calculus… Third Time’s a Charm?
12/26: The Advantages of Blogging with a Samsung Chromebook in 2014
12/25: How My Family Discovered Grindr on Christmas Day
12/23: Sweetie, I Think It’s About Time We Have a Talk About The Pill
11/30: Google Is Trying to Kill Caps Lock…
11/27: Thanksgiving at Rutgers
11/12: Registered for the Spring 2014 Semester!
10/29: Birdwatching at Rutgers: Obviously The Best Byrne Seminar
09/22: King Neptune Night at Rutgers
09/22: Praying Mantis Tough Love
08/03: SkillsUSA National Championships
08/02: GOD HAS ANSWERED MY PRAYER: H&M Online Shopping
08/02: Lulu for Gay Guys?
07/27: I’m Back! I’ve Been Traveling NONSTOP.
06/22: I Graduated From High School!
06/18: Can You Tell I Signed My Best Friend’s Yearbook?
06/15: What Is Tinder?
06/15: What is the Best Pen?
05/23: Pokemon Twelve Years Later
05/10: Personal Goals for a Healthier Lifestyle
04/10: Rutgers or TCNJ?
03/26: The Power of the Internet
03/19: “Antisocial” or “At Peace”?
02/24: LGBT “Prom?”
01/25: Iceskating in Endless Circles
01/23: New College Semester… in High School!

Ok, I didn’t want to flood my list with another 1,000 posts so I am linking to the following:

THIS IS MY COMPLETE ARCHIVE FROM MY FOUR YEARS AT RUTGERS UNIVERSITY. Sorted by year: Freshman – Sophomore – Junior – Senior.