A Comprehensive Review of the Sony A7R V and My Trio of G Master Lenses

Exactly one year ago, I embarked on a new chapter in my journey as a professional travel blogger. I bought all new photography gear (including a Sony A7R V) in anticipation of elevating the quality of my digital content by reinvesting profits from this blog into my equipment.

It’s long been a dream of mine to someday own a professional full-frame camera so finally purchasing one was a huge milestone that I didn’t take lightly. Photography has been a hobby and a passion as far back as I can remember! One year ago today, I made that dream a reality.

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Items I ordered from Sony include:

This purchase marked a significant upgrade in how I could capture the moments and landscapes that I encountered during my travels. Paired with not one but three Sony G Master lenses, this travel photography setup has now been my faithful companion from the cobblestone streets of Europe to the vibrant adventures I’ve gone on across the United States.

Prior to this, I used to shoot with a 16.1MP APS-C CMOS crop sensor Sony NEX-F3 that I had bought 11 years earlier, back in 2012! That camera carried my blog from its launch in 2013 until 2023. That is partially why finally switching to my first full-frame camera was a huge deal for me!

In this comprehensive camera and lens review, I’ll dive into my experience using this gear, detailing everything from build quality to performance across various settings.

Build Quality and Design

Sony Alpha 7R V: A Robust Companion

From the moment I picked up the Sony A7R V, I could immediately tell it was built to endure the rigors of frequent travel. The camera’s body and corresponding lenses are sturdy, weather-sealed, and built solid.

This camera, over the past 365 days with me, has stood up to the dusty trails of Kosovo, the occasional drizzle in Spain, and climbed the Dolomites in Italy. (Yeah, about that… I’m a little behind on my blog… but I’m working hard every passing day to catch up!)

The camera’s ergonomic design makes it comfortable to shoot photos and videos for hours, which is essential when you’re out exploring new places from dawn until dusk.

Lenses That Match in Quality

Sony GM 50mm f/1.2

  • Sony G Master 50mm f/1.2: This lens feels like a work of art—robust and precise. The metal construction and the weight give it a premium feel that is a joy to use.

Sony GM 24mm f/1.4

  • Sony G Master 24mm f/1.4: Slightly lighter than the 50mm, this lens is perfect for street photography with its wide angle and fast aperture. It’s built to tackle any scenario without adding too much bulk. For casual shooting, this is my preferred lens.

Sony GM 14mm f/1.8

  • Sony G Master 14mm f/1.8: Despite its ultra-wide perspective, this lens is surprisingly compact. It’s my go-to for capturing expansive landscapes and architectural wonders.

User Experience

Navigating the menus and adjusting settings on the A7R V can be daunting at first, but over the past year, I’ve found the interface to become second nature. The customizable buttons and the touchscreen functionality enhance the user experience, allowing for quick changes on the fly—a necessity when traveling.

The screen flips out and can twist and rotate in numerous directions. From what I recall, I think the Sony A7R V was the first Sony camera from this lineup to feature a screen capable of articulating in so many different directions. This feature alone has come in handy for me A LOT (Especially while shooting videos!)

Performance in the Field

Image Quality Across Lenses

Sony GM 50mm f/1.2

  • 50mm f/1.2: The bokeh from this lens is simply sublime, turning ordinary scenes into dreamy portraits. It excels in low light, capturing crisp, vibrant images even at dusk.

This lens is so sharp and fast, you can see the flies in great detail around these horses if you look closely:

Also, check out that f/1.2 bokeh!

Sony GM 24mm f/1.4

  • 24mm f/1.4: Its ability to handle landscapes and street scenes with the same ease is impressive. The sharpness and clarity are impeccable, making it a versatile choice for most of my travels.

I love to attach this lens anytime I go out to shoot street photography because it’s by far the most versatile lens out of the 3 G Master lenses I currently own.

Sony GM 14mm f/1.8

  • 14mm f/1.8: For dramatic perspectives, this lens is unmatched. It stretches wide horizons even wider and captures the scale of places like the vastness of the Grand Canyon with no distortion.

If I’m trying to capture a landscape, the 14mm is my top choice.

I love the wide angle and at f/1.8, WOW, it’s great at night too! Astrophotography is basically what the 14mm f/1.8 was designed for.

I used it for my vlog to capture the 2024 total solar eclipse sunset!

Battery Life and Storage Solutions

Throughout the year, I’ve been impressed with the battery life of the A7R V, which typically lasts through a full day of shooting. I have 3 batteries that I rotate between. I always keep them in my camera bag. This is crucial when traveling in remote areas where power sources are scarce.

Additionally, the dual SD card slots have allowed me to manage my storage efficiently, ensuring I never miss a shot due to running out of space. The more storage you keep on hand, the better. Shooting in RAW fills cards quickly!

Artificial Intelligence

This camera is so smart. It has incredibly accurate tracking and auto-focus. I think Sony’s official video explains the built-in AI technology best!

Sony GN60 External Flash Is The Best!

This Sony GN60 external flash is AMAZING. Every time I photograph products, I am immediately reminded of why I paid what I paid for this flash. It never disappoints.

I love photographing people and products with this flash. The way it communicates with the Sony Camera means you get a perfectly exposed and perfectly colored image almost always. It’s incredibly accurate and fast!

This is an example of a camera bag I received in exchange for a test and review. This GN60 flash really helped bring out the detail in Grams(28)’s soft and supple leather and sleek metal latch.

Traveling with the A7R V

Carrying the A7R V across various continents has been a revelation. It has documented vibrant bazaars in Turkey and serene mornings in the Italian countryside with equal finesse. The high-resolution sensor ensures that no detail is missed, from intricate tile work in Istanbul to the subtle hues of a Spanish sunset.

While going on more adventurous trips, my preferred camera backpack is the PGYTech OneMo Lite.

The backpack has so many secret compartments, it’s really a work of art. There’s a spot for an Apple AirTag that is built into the stitching of the bag. You can even use sliding battery charge indicators in the battery storage compartment to keep track if your camera batteries are used or not.

The camera backpack can fit my Ulanzi tripod (it’s carbon fiber so it’s incredibly strong, lightweight, and compact!) both inside and outside. There are pockets everywhere, extra straps, and adjustable dividers inside.

I also carry my camera with my Peak Design strap! It’s the most comfortable and secure adjustable strap I’ve found on the market. It makes carrying my camera feel effortless.

It’s easily attached and removed with the little red Peak Design buttons that securely attach to your camera!


After a full year with the Sony A7R V and its three G Master lenses, I can confidently say that this setup has transformed my travel photography.

This is not a mere short-term review; it’s a testament to the enduring quality and performance of the Sony A7R V through countless trips and countless clicks.

Whether you’re an aspiring travel photographer or a seasoned pro looking to upgrade your gear, the Sony A7R V paired with any of these G Master lenses will not disappoint. Join me as I continue to explore the world, capturing every spectacular moment along the way: Subscribe to My Blog.

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