My 13 Year Old Sister’s New Room!


My parents redid my sister’s whole room for her birthday! I can’t believe she is a teenager now!!! I’ve got to give them credit, I love the new design!

The black and white DaMask print with pink and purple accents is so much more grown up than the original light pink and purple paint with the wallpaper that had lipstick, purses, flowers, and butterflies all over it. Much more mature and classy. For a young girls room, I like! Any thoughts?

You can be honest, I want to know what you really think!

LGBT “Prom?”

Upon leaving my school Friday afternoon, I was walking to my car when I saw this:

It was my car with a surprise: a little blue bag of candy and balloons tied to it. I have to be honest, I got worried and even upset at first. I thought someone was playing a prank on me and I was too stressed out to deal with it since I was running late to a volleyball tournament. When I looked in the bag, I saw it was filled with literally EVERYTHING I LOVE:


-Mounds Bars

-Jelly Beans

-Dark Chocolate

I looked at the balloons and some of them said, “Pop Me!” and inside of them were small chocolates! The bag itself said “To: (My name) From: (My guy friend)”.

I put it in my trunk and proceeded with heading over to the tournament. Later that night when I wasn’t busy, I checked it out again. I was confused why my friend did this. Was this a thank you for driving him to his house the other day? Because he didn’t have a ride?


Inside one of the blue balloons was something besides a round chocolate that I hadn’t noticed earlier: it was a note.

I quickly popped the balloon and pulled out the note. It was a little slip that read, “Will you go to prom with me?
Oh my god! Wow! I couldn’t believe it. Already!? Was I really just asked out to prom? And by a guy!?

So here is the only thing. This whole set up was SO SO SO adorable but I don’t see this guy as anything more than a friend. We text and we are really good friends, but that’s just it, we are friends. He has asked me out in the past and I thought I made that clear to him. I was actually planning on asking a female friend of mine anyway. My parents would probably freak if they found out I was going to prom with a guy…

What do I do!?!? This is so confusing…



My twelve year old sister made this snowman during the last snow storm a few weeks ago. I recently looked back at the photo and realized something about her snowman: he doesn’t quite have a mouth… Guess he’ll never know the feeling behind giving a kiss.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

To me, home is my paradise. This is a photo I took of my mom preparing a nice little lunch for my family to enjoy in our backyard. I really admire the time, effort, and care that my mom puts into everything she does. In this case, I appreciated her little pineapple fruit treats so much that I felt like I had to go grab my camera and snap a picture of them. I’ll miss my mom’s meals so much when I move away from home.