A Guy Asked Me to Prom – My LGBT Promposal

Last Updated on September 16, 2023

Upon leaving my school Friday afternoon, I was walking to my car when I saw this:

It was my car with a surprise: a little blue bag of candy and balloons tied to it.

I have to be honest, I became worried and even got a little upset at first. I immediately assumed someone was playing a prank on me and I was too stressed out to deal with it since I was already running late to a volleyball tournament.

When I looked inside the bag, I saw it was filled with literally EVERYTHING I LOVE:

-Mounds Bars
-Jelly Beans
-Dark Chocolate

I looked at the balloons and some of them said, “Pop Me!”

So of course, I did!

Inside the balloons were small chocolates!

The bag itself said,

“To: Rocky
From: (The guy’s name.)”

I put it into the trunk of my car and proceeded to head over to the tournament. Later that night when I had more time to myself, I checked it out again. I was confused about why my friend did all of this.

Was this a thank you for driving him to his house the other day?

Because he didn’t have a ride?


Inside one of the blue balloons was something in addition to the chocolate candies that I hadn’t noticed the first time: there was a note.

I quickly popped the balloon and pulled out the note.

It was a little slip that read, Will you go to prom with me?

Oh my goodness! Wow! I couldn’t believe it. Already!? Was I really just asked out to prom? By a guy!?

Now, here is the only thing. The sad part.

This whole setup was SO adorable but to be completely honest… I really don’t see this guy as anything more than just a friend. We text pretty often and we are good friends, but that’s just it, we are just friends. It was even a bit frustrating to be on the receiving end because this same guy has asked me out before in the past and I thought we established at that point that as flattering as it was, I wasn’t really interested.

I was actually planning on asking a female friend of mine to go with me. My parents would probably freak if they found out I was going to prom with a guy… Although, that shouldn’t stop me. But if I’m going to go with a guy and out myself to everyone, it has to be the right guy.

What do I do!?!? This is so confusing…


      1. What if you tell him that you will go with him, but no strings attached like no promises? If it goes well then great! But if it doesn’t you can still just be friends right? (I started dating a friend and it turned out really good. But he had to go away to college, but we are still the bestes friends).

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