I Graduated From High School!

I did it! Wednesday evening was my high school graduation! I was the banner-bearer of the flag for my academy.

I wasn’t the valedictorian by any means but to my surprise, I did have the most honors out of everyone in the graduating class!

I felt funny wearing everything because I genuinely didn’t want to show off. I had tassels from the National Honor Society, the National Technical Honor Society, and SkillsUSA. I had three medals from my three SkillsUSA competitions. Plus, I threw on my gold Key Club name badge because it means so much to me.

While I was hesitant to put everything on, I thought about it, and hey! I put a lot of time and effort into the things I did throughout high school. Graduation was my chance to be recognized for it.

I put everything on and made the best of it. I was proud to be one of the ones with the most things on. If nothing else, it signals that I made the most of my four years in high school.

Steeping A Glass of Teavana Tea

Steeping A Glass of Teavana Tea

I know it is one of the most popular picks from Teavana but I’m truly in love with the combination of Teavana’s White Avurvedic Chai mixed with their Samurai Chai Mate. Two or three teaspoons of both, a couple chunks of their German Rock Sugar, and a five minute wait yields an amazing cup of their sweet tea! I love it.

Can You Tell I Signed My Best Friend’s Yearbook?

Can You Tell I Signed My Best Friend's Yearbook?

After four wonderful years together, simply writing in my best friend’s yearbook just wouldn’t have cut it. I wanted to do more so I decided to print out old photos and I “scrapbooked” my yearbook entry so that she can always look back and remember the good times we had.

She almost started crying when she opened to it! <3